WWE RAW Revisited: WWE Universal Championship Not Being Important, Sad State Of Tag Division, More


On this week’s version of the Wrestling Inc. Podcast, which airs are living each and every Monday after RAW, former WWE / TNA celebrity Matt Morgan and Wrestling Inc. President Raj Giri reviewed ultimate night time’s RAW and mentioned Roman Reigns as champion, the present tag team department and the way we will be able to’t take heels too severely in 2018. You can take a look at that a part of the dialogue under.

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Roman Reigns as champion:

Giri: “Honestly, with the Shield reunion and doing those six-man feuds, although they’ve Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman doing one on ones right here and there like they did at Hell in a Cell, it just comes throughout as secondary. Again, the Universal identify just turns out like a prop. It does not appear to be a significant a part of the display.”

Morgan: “Yeah, so let me get this directly: now we have been informed now for the simpler a part of the year to get in the back of this Roman Reigns experiment, and the way he’s going to get there. He assists in keeping getting his a– passed to him via Brock Lesnar; we get pissed off via that, like, God when is that this going to occur already [Roman becoming Universal champion], in the meantime, Brock Lesnar will beat AJ Styles, he’s going to beat Samoa Joe, who we would have liked to peer operating on best on Raw, or Kevin Owens, all of our guys that we see as major eventers, proper? We are being informed, do not be concerned. We are going someplace with this; he’s going to take the identify from Brock Lesnar. Finally, he’s taking the identify clear of Brock Lesnar and now it isn’t value jack squat. They do not discuss it. It isn’t essential anymore. It is not any large deal, so what? Brock Lesnar being champion and now not appearing up on each and every Monday Night Raw wasn’t that unhealthy in the end as a result of I do not see the variation.”

Giri: “Pretty much. It is almost like they need to go back to the Open Challenge, but for this title just to give it some steam back.”

Morgan: “Seriously, how are we not talking about this? This should have been a monumental achievement.”

Giri: “Yeah. Sadly it is just a prop right now.”

Current Tag-Team department:

Giri: “No disrespect to The Revival because I am a big fan, but I don’t know. It was The B-Team vs. The Revival, what else can you say?”

Morgan: “I was listening to a radio show the other day and they were talking about if the Young Bucks came to WWE, would they lose money? I am thinking to myself what we said about The Authors of Pain coming in; similar thing is that there is nobody for them to work. It’s like, yeah, there would be all of these fresh matchups, but against nobody. It doesn’t matter if they were fresh matchups, WWE has made all of these tag teams that way.”

Giri: “Yeah, AOP vs The Ascension would be a fresh matchup, but nobody wants to see that.”

Morgan: “Let me ask you something: If The B-Team changed their name and when they win a match could you buy into them or is it too late?”

Giri: “I feel it’s too overdue. They are pegged as ‘comedy guys.’ It is something to make use of comedy like The Rock or Steve Austin did, or Edge & Christian, however it’s every other factor to be a comedy determine. Once you develop into a comedy determine it’s arduous to return again from that.”

Morgan: “And, all of the ones guys discussed were given themselves over approach before they began doing that [comedy].

Giri: “Absolutely. They were not humorous guys that were given over that approach.”

Morgan: “Right. They have been in a position so as to add that as a layer.”

Not taking heels too severely anymore:

Morgan: “I used to be staring at the Susan B. Comen phase with my wife. It is a kind of issues the place you’re staring at with an interloper you’re more or less proud to be a fan.”

Giri: “Yeah, it makes the corporate glance excellent, however what I do not like is when you’ve got Triple H and Stephanie [McMahon] being…inside your personal display too, the place they’re babyfaces in those segments after which the following they’re general pricks and heels.

“I imply, they have not established a proper or fallacious facet on this. Stephanie McMahon is surely a heel, but if they do those charity segments. It is like if you find yourself staring at Game of Thrones the place you’ve the little a**hollow little king within the first season, after which they break free and inside the display, the king is doing this charity bit. Keep it constant. You can do a video package deal or a business, however I in finding it very arduous to take professional wrestling severely while you aren’t staying constant on your storylines inside your personal display. You would by no means see Vince McMahon all through the Attitude Era.”

Morgan: “Can you imagine? The hottest angle in pro wrestling history where you have Vince McMahon cutting promos on ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin and then the next segment he is promoting Toys for Tots during Christmas. Oh my God. Can you imagine?”

Giri: “Going at it one segment and then the next segment they are on the stage smiling standing next to each other.”

You can watch the whole podcast within the video above, or concentrate to it within the audio player under.The Wrestling Inc. Podcast airs each and every Monday instantly following RAW, Wednesdays at midday ET and post-WWE PPV Sundays instantly after the development with Matt Morgan, Glenn Rubenstein and Raj Giri. You can subscribe to the Wrestling Inc. Podcast on iTunes and on YouTube. Please fee us and go away a remark.

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