Virginia Pastor dies from coronavirus after defiantly held a Sunday service

Virginia Pastor dies from coronavirus after defiantly held a Sunday service

Virginia Pastor dies :

The Bishop of Virginia, Gerald Glenn, has died of coronavirus (COVID-19) just weeks after a crowded church service.
Church official Bryan Nevers announced the news during the New Deliverance Evangelistic Easter Sunday live stream, explaining:

“It is with a very sad and heavy heart that I will come to you this morning, and I am sorry to inform you that last night, April 11th at 9 pm, our father Bishop Gerald Glenn transitioned from labor to reward.”

“Our bishop has been a friend, as well as a spiritual Shepard to so many of us here in New Deliverance, and around the country.

We will all miss him as we enter a period of mourning for the next 30 days, let us continue to pray for Mother Glenn and the first family, ”Nevers said.

Glenn’s death comes after his last personal service on March 22nd 2020. Glenn made headlines after the sermon about proudly broadcasting a full service.

“I reached over 10 people here,” Glenn said in his sermon referring to the ban issued by Gov. Ralph Northam.

Glenn also slammed the government for “making moral decisions for church members.”

“I know I’m on some controversial territory,” Glenn continued adding, “I don’t care what you think. I am not trying to appeal to anyone. ”

Glenn also explained that he was “vital,” in trying to justify why he continued to promote such a large gathering of people.

On April 3, Glenn’s daughter Mar-Gerie Crawley explained on Facebook Live that the minister was in hospital in “quite critical condition.”

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On April 4, Crawley said her father and mother Marcietia Glenn tested positive for the virus.

Crawley explained during an interview with WTVR that the family did not initially think Glenn was seriously ill as “he has diverticulitis” and “it is not uncommon for him to have a fever or know virus or sinus infections.”

However, Glenn’s condition deteriorated and he was taken to the emergency room.
“It was very upsetting, so my mother decided that night, once her breathing had worked, she took it back and at that point they kept her.

They did the COVID-19 test on him, and we got  back that day and it was tested positive, ”Crawley told WTVR.

Glenn is survived by his wife and their three daughters and two sons. Since his death, members of his congregation and spiritual leaders and political figures throughout have expressed their sympathy.

“My heart sank as I learned this morning that Bishop Gerald Glenn, pastor of New Deliverance Evangelical Church, died yesterday of COVID-19.

He was a friend and pillar of the Richmond Faith community. May everyone do so much for so many, ”Senator Tim Kaine tweeted.

“Bishop Glenn was a great friend of mine for more than 20 years. He was an outspoken spiritual and community leader, and we will all miss him, ”said Senator Mark Warner in a statement obtained by NBC 12.
Funeral plans for Glenn have not yet been announced.

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