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Residence Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, U.S.
Date Of Birth June 17, 1980 (age 39)
Lynwood, California, U.S.
Height 6 ft 1 in (1.85 m)
Turned pro October 31, 1994 (aged 14)
Plays Right-handed (two-handed backhand)
Coach Richard Williams
Oracene Price
David Witt (2007–2018)
Prize money $41,801,056

Official website
Career record 811–249 (76.5%)
Career titles 49 WTA
Highest ranking No. 1 (February 25, 2002)
Current ranking No. 66 (February 3, 2020)
Grand Slam Singles results
Australian Open F (20032017)
French Open F (2002)
Wimbledon W (20002001200520072008)
US Open W (20002001)
Other tournaments
Grand Slam Cup W (1998)
Tour Finals W (2008)
Career record 185–36 (83.7%)
Career titles 22 WTA
Highest ranking No. 1 (June 7, 2010)
Grand Slam Doubles results
Australian Open W (2001200320092010)
French Open W (19992010)
Wimbledon W (200020022008200920122016)
US Open W (19992009)
Other doubles tournaments
Tour Finals SF (2009)
Mixed doubles
Career record 28–8 (77.8%)
Career titles 2
Grand Slam Mixed Doubles results
Australian Open W (1998)
French Open W (1998)
Wimbledon F (2006)
US Open QF (1998)
Other mixed doubles tournaments
Team competitions
Fed Cup W (1999), record 21–4
Hopman Cup RR (2013)
Net Worth: $75 Million As Of April 2017
Williams Siblings : Serena Williams
Venus Williams rose from a tough childhood in Compton, Los Angeles, to become a champion women’s tennis player and four-time Olympic gold medalist.

Who Is Venus Williams?

Venus Williams is an African-American professional tennis player. Williams was once the number one in the world, and therefore ushered in a new era of power in the women’s professional tennis tournament.

Williams was ranked third in the world for the 11th consecutive week by the Women’s Tennis Association. She won the first place on February 25, 2002, the first African-American woman in the open era and the second since Althea Gibson. Williams’ seven Grand Slam singles titles rank 12th in history and 8th in the Open era, more than any active female player other than her sister.


Venus Williams has reached 16 Grand Slam finals, most recently at Wimbledon in 2017. Venus williams also won 14 Grand Slam women’s doubles championships, along side her sister Serena Williams; they remained unbeaten in the Grand Slam doubles finals.

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Venus williams also won two mixed doubles titles. Her five Wimbledon singles titles tied her with two other women in eighth place in history, but she was only fourth on the Open Age list, trailing only Martina Nafratillo Nine champions of Martina Navratilova and seven of Serena Williams and Steffi Graf.

From the 2000 Wimbledon Championship to the 2001 US Open, Williams has won four of the six Grand Slam singles matches. At the Australian Open in 2020, Williams broke her record of being the first place in the Grand Slam event, regardless of gender, with an average annual record of 85 years.

After destroying the 2017 Wimbledon singles final with her skills, she broke another record, the longest time between her first appearance and her most recent Grand Slam singles final appearance. Williams was twice the money leader in 2001 and 2017 season.

Biography, Age - Childhood, Family, Facts and Net Worth
Venus Williams

Venus Williams has won 4 Olympic gold medals, one single, three women’s doubles, and a silver medal in mixed doubles. Even Kathleen McKane Godfree, like Kathleen McKane Godfree, has won Of the most Olympic medals. She is the only tennis player to win a medal at the four Olympics. At the 2000 Sydney Olympics, Williams became the second athlete to win the singles and doubles Olympic gold medals after the Olympics, and only after Helen Wells Moody of the 1924 Summer Olympics.

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In the 49 singles title battle, Venus Williams is second only to her sister Serena Williams in the WTA Tour’s most active singles championship. From the 2000 Wimbledon Championship to the 2000 Generali Ladies Linz Championship final, she won 35 consecutive games, the longest since January 1, 2000. She is also one of only three active WTA players, reaching all four Grand Slam finals with Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova.

Venus Williams Early life and family background

Venus Williams was born in Richard, California, Richard Williams, and Oracene Price.

Her talent was evident at the age of seven, when a local professional tennis player named Tony Chesta discovered Williams and quickly discovered her potential in the sport.

Williams Biography, Age
Venus Williams Biography, Age

The Williams entire family moved from Compton, California to West Palm Beach, Florida at the age of 10,  so that she and her sister Serena could attend the Rick Maxi Tennis Academy, which noticed the sisters and More guidance will be provided. He does not always agree with Williams’ father, but respects “he treats his daughter like a child, allowing them to be little girls.”

Richard stopped sending his daughter to the national junior high school tennis game when Williams was eleven, because he wanted them to slow down and focus on their homework. Another motivation was racial issues, as he was alleged to have heard parents of other players disparage the Williams sisters during the game.

At that time, Williams maintained a 63-0 record on the USTA Youth Tour and ranked first among Southern California athletes under 12.

Venus Williams father
Venus Williams Father and childhood photos

In 1995, Richard took his daughter away from Macci’s academy, and since then he has taken over all the coaches at home.

Venus Williams Style of Play

Venus Williams is a very capable baseline player and he also has an offensive full game. Her game was very adaptable to the grass and made her feel most comfortable, which is reflected in her five Wimbledon singles titles.

She has developed into a skilled volleyball player who can take advantage of her long wingspan (1.85m) and agile mesh technology. Williams also has excellent on-court reporting capabilities and can hit the winner from a defensive position.

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Williams maintained his fastest serve record in three of the four majors: the second round of the French Open in 2007, the Wimbledon final in 2008, and the first round of the 2007 US Open – 129 mph (208 km / h) hour).

Venus Williams Tennis Career

1994–96: career debut

Venus Williams turned 14 on October 31, 1994 and became a professional. In the second round of her first professional match, Williams defeated the world’s second-ranked Arantxa Sánchez Vicario in the Western Classic Banking tournament in Auckland, winning Play and serve. Arantxa Sánchez Vicario in second place continued to win the championship, beating Martina Navratilova. That was the only game Williams played in 1994.


Venus and Serena Williams

Williams sisters competition

Since 1998, Venus Williams has played against his sister Serena in 30 professional games. Overall, Venus has won 12 of them, while Serena Williams has won 18 games. They met in 15 majors and Venus Williams won 10 games with sister Serena. They have met in the nine Grand Slam finals and Venus has won twice.

Williams Sisters
Venus and Serena Williams – William Sister

In the earlier round, they met six times, and the winner had already won the championship four times (once for Venus, in the 2000 Wimbledon championship).

Since the French Open in 2002, they have played against each other in four consecutive Grand Slam singles finals. This is the first time in the Open era that the same two players have participated in four consecutive Grand Slam matches.

Williams vs Hingis

Venus Williams and Hingis met 21 times in their careers. Overall, head-to-head matches are 11-10, which is good for Hingis. Their competition is one of the best competitions in women’s sports, known as the “old competition.” The two met in the 1997 US Open finals during Williams’ debut, and Hingis won consecutive games.

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Williams vs Davenport

Davenport leads opponents 14-13 in 27 professional games. Venus Williams led 3-0 in the Grand Slam final. The most notable match they participated in was the 2005 Wimbledon championship, breaking the longest Wimbledon women’s final record. Venus Williams won the game and also saved points, making her the second woman in the open era to save points and continue to win the Grand Slam final.

2003-06: Injuries and losses

2003: Australian Open final and injury

Venus Williams defeated  Justine Henin for the first time in the Australian Open finals since 2003. But in the final, she lost to her sister Serena. This marks the first time in the open era that the same two players have reached the Grand Slam final four times in a row. Venus and Serena Williams have teamed up to win the women’s doubles title, their sixth Grand Slam title in women’s doubles.

Car accidents in 2017

On June 9, 2017, Venus Williams was driving in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida when another car collided with her SUV before passing through a crossroads. The accident resulted in the death of a 78-year-old man, the second A car was injured. Police initially said she was “faulted” by the accident, but after reviewing surveillance footage, they determined on July 7 that she was not the cause of the accident.

Venus Williams Net Worth

Venus Williams has a net worth of about $ 95 million. It’s huge, but it’s a far cry from the $ 180 million valuation of sister Serena Williams.  However, to say the least, Venus’s fate is enviable.

Venus Williams Relationship

Venus Williams broke up with her boyfriend Nicky Hammond. It’s unclear how long the couple under the radar have dated, but it was reported that Hammond and her sister Serena Williams’ New Orleans wedding and tech mogul Alex Alexis Ohanian is dating.

Venus Williams Husband
Venus Williams Husband – Nicolas Hammond –


Williams is the chief executive of her Vstarr Interiors, Jupiter, Florida-based interior design company. Her company designed the scene of the public address service desk Tavis Smiley Show, an apartment for Olympic athletes, part of New York City’s failure to host the 2012 Summer Olympics, and homes and businesses in Palm Beach, Florida.

Her Acknowledgements, Awards & Achievements

In 2005, Tennis Magazine named her the 25th best player in 40 years. In June 2011, she was selected by Time Magazine as one of “30 Legends of Women’s Tennis: Past, Present and Future”.

In March 2012, the Tennis Channel aired the TV series “The 100 Greatest Tennis Players of All Time” and Venus Williams ranked 22nd here. During the game, Williams was praised by rival Lindsey Davenport, saying “Venus is stronger than any other player on the tour.”

In her prolific career, Williams has won seven singles Grand Slam titles, 13 women’s doubles titles and two mixed doubles titles.

her awards
Venus Williams Awards

Due to her outstanding performance, Venus Williams became the first in the world on February 25, 2002. As a result, she became the first African-American to achieve this feat in the open age.

Venus Williams won four Olympic gold medals, one for singles and three for doubles. Together with her sister Serena, she is the only female tennis player to win the most Olympic gold medals.

Venus Williams won the WTA Rookie of the Year Award in 1997. That same year, she also won the Olympic Committee female athletes in September.

In 2000, Williams won the WTA Player of the Year and the WTA Doubles Championship of the Year. She was awarded the Female Athlete of the Year Award and the Outstanding Achievement Award.

Williams won the ESPY award for best female athlete and the ESPY award for best female tennis.

Family Controversies

Venus William’s Dad Divorces 3rd Wife

Richard Williams, the father of super-attorneys Serena and Venus Williams, has filed for divorce from his third wife, Lakeisha Williams. And he accuses her of stealing blindly!

According to, in documents filed in Florida, Richard Williams, 75, claims that his 38-year-old wife forged Lakeisha his signature on a property deed to transfer one of his houses to herself as well as cars. He also believes she has stolen his social security checks.

Venus William father, Richard Williams
Venus William father, Richard Williams

The couple have a 5-year-old son together, and Richard believes the Lakeisha lifestyle is putting the child at risk.

Richard also claims Lakeisha is now living with someone with “serious criminal felony charges pending.” He also accuses her of taking her guns, and being an alcoholic.


Venus Williams has a total of 44 career titles in her bag, out of which are 7 Grand Slam victories and four Olympic Gold Medals. She is the only woman since Helen Wilis Moody to win a gold medal in both the singles and doubles games.

Venus Williams made her first Grand Slam appearance in the year 1997 at the French Open. The same year, she became the first unseeded player to reach a Grand Slam final, when she set up a title clash in the US open against Martina Hingis.

In February 2002, Venus Williams became the first African-American woman to become World No. 1 since the computer rankings began in 1975. Same year, she became the first ever siblings to rank Top 2 at same time with Serena.

Venus Williams has played against her sister 24 times, out of which she won 10 times. They played against each other in eight Grand Slam singles final and alongside each other in thirteen Grand Slam women’s doubles.

Venus Williams played a pioneering role in equalizing the prize money for men and women in the Wimbledon and French Open. Interestingly, she became the first woman to benefit from the equalisation of prize money.

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