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Untold Facts about the American Revolution

The American Revolution was a struggle between 13 American colonies and Great Britain.

The American colony wanted to gain independence and create a new sovereign state, the United States.

The American Revolutionary War lasted eight years-from April 1775 to September 1783.

American colonists who support independence are called patriots.

The US Army is called the Continental Army after the Continental Congress in 13 states.

The 13 colonies are Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia, Connecticut, Massachusetts Bay, Maryland, South Carolina, New Hampshire, Virginia, New York, North Carolina, and Rhode Island. .

Colonists who remained loyal to the British crown were called “faithful.”
British soldiers are called “red clothes” or “devil”.

During the war, most of the people who lived in the American colonies were “fence nannies” without either party.
The commander-in-chief of the United States is George Washington.

The British military commander at the beginning of the revolution was Sir William Howe, although it was later replaced due to the failure of the British war effort.

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King George III led Britain to resist American independence. British Prime Minister is Lord North (Conservative)
Not all members of the British Parliament support military operations against American patriots. For example, Edmund Burke, a Whig faction, has criticized military action to address the issue.

During the war, African-American slaves served on both sides of the war. Britain provided freedom for slaves who escaped their masters and obeyed the loyal forces. After 1776, George Washington raised a small number of black-only units.

In the chaos of war, many slaves escaped. In South Carolina, 30% of slaves escaped, migrated or died during the conflict.
About 25,000 American Patriots were killed during military service-the biggest cause of death was disease-often on unsanitary warships.

Compared to the proportion of the population, the War of Independence was the second most serious conflict in the United States after the Civil War.

In 1776, the population of 13 American colonies was estimated at 2.4 million. 85% of whites are of British origin, 9% of German origin and 4% of Dutch origin.

About 42,000 British sailors were killed in the war. It was also difficult for the American colonies to raise troops because of the economic need to stay on the farm. 90% of Americans work on the farm.

British troops have been weakened by the need to fight in the Caribbean.

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Leading up to the Revolution

The Stamp Act (1765) required taxes on official documents to help Britain increase its income after the expensive British-French war of 1763. The tax was unpopular and caused British dissatisfaction with London rule.

The Son of Freedom is a secret society for people from the American colonies who want to protect the rights of the colonists.
Boston Massacre (1770): Four colonists protesting against customary law were shot by British forces.

The Tea Act (1773) aims to help East Indian companies become unpopular in the United States.

Untold Facts about the American Revolution - blogtify.com

Untold Facts about the American Revolution – blogtify.com

Boston Tea Party. December 16, 1773. Boston colonists protested the British Tea Act by attacking ships in the Boston Harbor and pouring imported tea into the sea.

Mandatory Act (1774) is a bill passed by the British Parliament in response to the colonial insurgency in Boston. The bill is designed to eliminate the power of the Massachusetts government. In the United States, they are called “tolerable behavior.”
On September 5, 1774, Peyton Randolph was elected as the first chairman of the Philadelphia Continental Conference, a conference of representatives from different colonies.

Peyton Randolph is arguably the first president of the United States, although his work is largely ceremonial. This is very different from the job of George Washington’s first presidency.

July 4, 1776-The United States declares its independence from Britain.

The Declaration of Independence was written by Thomas Jefferson, who later became the third president of the United States.
The first person to sign the Declaration of Independence was President John Hancock.

The Battle of Independence

The first battle of the war took place in Lexington and Concord. They are relatively minor conflicts.
The largest battle of the war took place on August 27, 1776. The British army controlled New York. It was called the Battle of Long Island and the Battle of Brooklyn Heights.

On December 26, 1776, George Washington sneaked across Delaware and accidentally defeated the German army in the Battle of Trenton. This little victory helped boost morale and reversed the tide of war.

The Continental Army uses an “alarm and call” system to disseminate information about troop movements. The riders included silversmith Paul Revere and others who became heroes after warning the British army of movement.

During the war, the U.S. forces traveled to Quebec to launch an uprising against the British in Canada, but failed.
One third of the British army was German soldiers because of the link between King George III of Britain and Germany. (They are called Hessen)

In 1778, France recognized the independence of the United States and officially began the war against Britain.

Benjamin Franklin (popular ambassador to France) played a major role in encouraging the French king to provide troops, money, and support to American colonists.

French generals such as Marquis de Lafayette provided military advice to the New World Army.
In 1779, Spain secretly participated in the war as an ally of France and the United States, hoping to occupy Gibraltar and the British colonies in the Caribbean.

In 1776, the position of the Continental Army was precarious, and Washington’s army was divided into two islands (Manhattan and Long Island). Although the British army had a numerical advantage, they missed the opportunity to end the Washington army.

The Battle of Saratoga (September 19 to October 7, 1777) was an important turning point in the war, with nearly 6,000 British troops surrendering.


Surrender of General Burgoyne at Battle of Saratog


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  • Battle of Yorktown – the final major battle of the Revolutionary War from September 28 to October 19, 1781.  George Washington’s army defeated the British army under Lord Cornwallis.

Women of the American Revolution

Betsy Ross is reputed to have produced the first American flag. The new flag was displayed to George Washington in 1776.
George Washington’s wife Martha Washington visited the camp with her husband and became the first “First Lady” in the United States. John Adams’s wife, Abigail Adams, has had a long relationship with her husband-to support the independence movement and help the cause.

Molly Pitcher served as a water carrier for the Patriots in combat. After her husband died in battle, she replaced him and fired a cannon. Mercy Otis Warren of Massachusetts wrote poems and songs that criticized British law and encouraged colonists to defend their rights.

Great slogans of the American Revolution

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. ”

Declaration of Independence July 4, 1776

“No taxation without representation”

This became a rallying cry for American colonists who resented these taxes to pay for British wars.

“Give me liberty, or give me death!”

A quotation attributed to Patrick Henry from a speech he made to the Second Virginia Convention on March 23, 1775

“Join, or Die”


– Benjamin Franklin – This is Benjamin Franklin’s political cartoon. It was first published in his Pennsylvania Gazette on May 9, 1754.

“Therefore, our representatives of the United States of America at the General Assembly have called on the Supreme Court of the World to justify our intentions and act in the name and authority of these good people.

The colonies solemnly declare and declare that these joint colonies are, and should be, free And independent nations should be exempt from their allegiance to the British royal family, and all their political ties with the British nations, and should be completely dissolved; as free and independent nations, they have the right to wage war, conclude peace, form alliances, establish All power to do business and all other actions that an independent state may do. “

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