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Melbourne lockdown: A level 4 coronavirus lockdown has been placed

Australia coronavirus lockdown

Melbourne, Australia has been placed under a level 4 coronavirus lockdown, level 3 for the rest of Victoria as a catastrophe condition


Comprehensive new restrictions, including a night-time curfew, will be imposed from tonight in Melbourne under the fourth stage restrictions and regional Victoria will move to the third stage restrictions from Thursday.

Prime Minister Daniel Andrews said 671 new cases of coronavirus have been discovered since yesterday and 6,322 infections are now active in the state.

Seven people have died of coronavirus in Victoria in the last 24 hours, bringing the state’s death toll to 123. Six of the seven cases are related to outbreaks of elderly care.

There are now 385 people in Victorian hospitals, 38 of whom are in intensive care. The state’s outbreak of elderly care has now grown to 1,083 active cases.

“These secrets, this community transmission, are in many ways our greatest challenge and the reason why we need to move to a different set of rules,” he said.

A state of emergency will be declared throughout Victoria starting tonight at 6:00 pm, in addition to the state of emergency.

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Mr Andrews said the state of emergency had given the police more power and allowed the authorities to suspend the actions of Parliament. Further restrictions on jobs will be announced tomorrow. Curfew and limits on sport, shopping for Melbourne.

Large number of people formed queues at supermarkets due to restrictions circulated.

Starting tonight, a curfew will be imposed throughout Melbourne from 8pm to 5am, prohibiting anyone from leaving the house except to work, receive or assist.

Melbourne residents are only allowed to shop and exercise within 5 kilometres of their homes.

Supermarkets will remain open for trading hours of their choice, but Mr Andrews said that shopping should take place outside the curfew. Once a day only one person from each household can shop.

Brett Sutton, chief health officer, acknowledged that panic buying was “a very human reaction” but said essential goods and services would still be available.

“There is nothing to panic about,” he said.

For those under the fourth-level restrictions, training outside the home is only allowed for one hour at a time, and recreational activities such as golf and fishing are prohibited.

Restaurants and cafes may continue to offer take-away and home deliveries, and bottle shops will remain open.

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Night train service will be restricted. People may continue to visit their intimate partners even if they live more than 5 km apart.

Melbourne lockdown
Australia Prime Minister Daniel Andrews

Weddings are prohibited in Melbourne, except for compassionate reasons.

The rules for funerals remain unchanged and allow 10 mourners plus those performing the ceremony. Leaving the house for a funeral is permitted under the rules.

All students throughout the state will return to home study and day care centers will be closed.



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