Top 5 Android Hacks and Tricks You Must Know in 2020

Top 5 Android Hacks and Tricks You Must Know in 2020

Android operating system requires complex customisation. This has made it the chosen alternative for geeks, hackers and others who are not happy with default choices. Even though Android OS has a reputation for being customizable, there are plenty of hacks and tricks that many users don’t know about.

These android tricks allow apps on your phones to look better and customisation helps to boost productivity and improve app speed, security and health.

Because of the different customisations from mobile manufacturers default looks, not all of these Android hacks can look and work the same on your smartphone.

Want to get more out of your Android phone?


Top 5 Android Hacks And Tricks

1. Access Cleared Notifications

Incessant notifications sometimes make us dismiss all notification in frustration. If you mistakenly cleared an important notification along with unwanted alerts. Don’t fret. It is not gone forever as Android provides a means of retrieving your cleared notifications. Isn’t that great?

You need to perform some ninja android tricks to get them back, but it is straightforward.

Without this android hack, you would have to open individual apps to check for potential updates, but still not guaranteed of discovering the important notifications.

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Here is how to go about retrieving your android phone lost notifications.

Step one :

  1. Click the home button or touch options on the bottom of your screen.
  2. Long press on the screen.
  3. Wait until you see the screen adjusting popup setting
  4. Click on edit to activate the edit menu.

Some phone models may show the Edit menu but the functions are similar.

Step two :

Swipe right to find the settings(gear) icon


Step three :

Drag the settings icon to your home screen, a popup showing various options will show up.

Select the “notifications log” option. Now close the edit screen or use the back button.

Step four – : Click on the newly created shortcut and you can access your recent notifications.

recent notifications

Pro Tip:
  These android notification notifications are independent of the underlying program, and may still be present even after the originating device has been deleted.

2. Record Your Screen As Video

Although taking screenshots on Android is popular, it takes geeky expertise to capture a live video of your computer.

You need to root your phone particularly on previous versions of Android before lollipop to get screen recording apps to function.

You can record your screen to direct others, upload to YouTube as part of a show, or log your game accomplishments and maneuvers. You can take your Android screen recording to the next level with the right app.

With this feature Android still has no native screen action recording software. You can log any occurrence on your camera, thanks to a plethora of third-party screen recording apps.

Some good apps are AZ or DU screen recorder in the play store.

Permissions Required

When you first launch your screen recording apps, you may get a popup menu requesting for screen recording permissions.

One of these is the “Appear on top” permission”. There are a lot of ways to end recording, it could be through the use of the onscreen button, putting your phone to sleep or even shaking it. It all depends on your app’s configuration.

AZ recorder sets a time before recording starts and you may also edit the video after recording. You will get an MP4 file at the end of the recording.

3. Selective Volume Adjustment

Android has a menu on your phone to change the brightness of the various sounds.

If you want your phone to ring out during the call but want a lower level of music, you don’t have to trade one for another because you can easily change the volumes to achieve your goal individually.

If you get shaken with noisy alerts or message tone but still want to keep your alarm high, then this android hack is for you.

Android Custom Volume Adjustment Steps

  1. Press the volume button on the side of your android phone. You will get a drop-down arrow to access further volume options.
  2. Swipe down or click the down arrow to expand the settings.
Android mobile phones

Some Android phones may display the options directly without sliding now.

You may adjust the volumes for alerts, media, and notifications as you see fit.

Personally, I prefer my alarm being loud and media moderate.

4. Stay Focused With Do not Disturb

You may be distracted from essential tasks by a steady stream of alerts and lower productivity. Fortunately, there’s a simple android hack that helps you to silence all or most alerts.

Android DnD also lets you take charge of your devices, rather than being forced to respond to updates.

You may use two or more methods to toggle on DnD on android;

Method one : 

  1. Swipe down your phone from the home screen
  2. Scroll through the quick settings icon and you would find the DnD symbol.
  3. Click on it to activate the DnD.
Android Tricks

Activate Android do not disturb(dnd)

This is the quickest way to activate Android DnD.

Note that this method mutes all notifications

If you can’t find the option on your phone or want to create an exception for DnD, this second method has all the options for you.

Method two :


  1. Go to Settings -> Sounds and Notifications/Vibrations
  2. Find the Do not Disturb  option and Toggle it on.
  3. Tap on the option to set an exception.
Sounds and Notifications/Vibrations

When you turn on DnD, all call alerts and media sounds are muted. You may add an exception to the DnD rules if you like.

Click on “Allow exceptions” and you will have a list of exception to choose from,

Android Hacks and mobile

You may add alarm, media, calls, and messages from a certain number to the exception list.

If you have an important call or message to receive, ensure you add the necessary exceptions so you can be alerted on time.

5. Hide Android Apps

We all like to hide personal stuff from others. With your android phone, hiding apps is quite easy. Whether you want to hide private apps from friends or save your battery by hiding addictive games from yourself, the android platform has the right option for you.

Two approaches can be used to hide app icons on Android; in-built and third-party apps. We are going to cover the built-in methods here. if you own a phone running Android 7 and above phone, then you have the inbuilt quick hiding option.


  1. Go to the app menu on your phone
  2. Tap on three dotted points on the top right-hand side or the bottom as the case may be
  3. Click on “Hide apps” to bring up a list of apps. Scroll and mark any app that you wish to hide.
  4. Select ”Done” to apply the changes.


Android Hacks and Tricks You Should Know


  1. Scroll to the app menu.
  2. Click on the three-dotted line as above.
  3. Select Homescreen Settings
  4. Scroll down to Hide individual apps
  5. Select any app you wish to hide and click apply

Android Hacks

Android Hacks You Should Know


The named apps will disappear from your application screen.

By taking similar measures and by unselecting the target app, you can unhide android phones.

Those app hiding methods work on some Android Apps.

A third party, common, and more sophisticated smartphone hacks would later be used for hiding phones.


In conclusion, the Android hacks discussed above should boost your experience of using your devices. Check it out and see how it works.

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