Tony Ferguson, ‘I Quit Drinking, Turned My Life Around’


Tony Feguson

‘I Quit Drinking’

‘Turned My Life Around’

10/3/2018 11:49 AM PDT


UFC megastar Tony Ferguson says he is a brand new, sober man — telling TMZ Sports he is reduce alcohol out of his existence and has “completely turned my life around.”

Tony says he made the existence adjustments to expedite his restoration from the devastating knee harm he suffered again in April. Tony says medical doctors informed him restoration could take as much as a year … however he used to be so targeted, he used to be again in four months!!!

Now, Tony is dealing with Anthony Pettis at UFC 229 this weekend — and has this message for his opponent, “Kiss my ass!” 

As for the opposite fight at the card — Conor vs. Khabib fit — Ferguson has some ideas.

“Battle of the bullsh*ts. We got Tiramisu verse McNuggets. Both lost their sauce, and I got all the sauce.”

Ferguson says neither man’s ever sought after smoke with him … and ain’t a rattling factor modified.

“As far as Khabib is concerned, sh*t, the dude ducked me. He’s been ducking me and so has Conor. Conor never says my name ’cause he’s got 1 thing on his mind, loss, when he says my name.”

Tony additionally picked a winner (kinda sorta).

“Double knockout. I see these motherf**kers knocking themselves out.”

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