The Truth about the Coronavirus Outbreak – Latest Update from China

Latest Coronavirus update – more than 114,215 Deaths as a result of the outbreak of a new coronavirus, The number of confirmed infected cases of the virus has risen to over 1,850,220 globally.  View live update here

over 430,455 patients have recovered. infections have been reported in more  other countries as as never before including Africa. For latest update about the virus, follow the hashtag #covid19

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Coronavirus global update 

United Kingdom  has lost over 10,612 people to coronavirus
South Africa reports first locally transmitted coronavirus
Malaysia, Singapore track religious attendees
Coronal virus sails on Mekong river in Cambodia
Czech Republic controls German-Austrian borders
China says it has exceeded the peak of the coronavirus epidemic
Tokyo Chief: Cancellation of Olympic Games “Impossible”
John Hopkins yells after changing Taiwan designation
Kazakhstan suspends all public events
Saudi Arabia suspends travel, flights to EU and several other countries
Thailand reports 11 new cases, totaling 70
Greece reports first death of COVID-19
U.S. House of Representatives announces coronavirus bill
Japan must plan to cancel Olympic risks
State Department urges U.S. citizens to reconsider all overseas travel
New York Postpones Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade
Hanks and wife Rita Wilson isolated at Gold Coast Hospital
South Korea expresses concern over case of Seoul call center
NBA suspended US basketball season after active testing
Asian Development Bank, Philippine Senate closes
Corona virus case recorded in French Polynesia, Guyana
US suspends all travel from Europe, except UK
Australia announces $ 11.4 billion stimulus plan



Coronavirus Outbreak – Previous Updates

Coronavirus cases and updates in South Korean more than 10,537 people affected.

New major outbreaks are emerging in South Korea, Iran and Italy, with dozens of confirmed cases and multiple deaths. South Korean President Moon Jae-in said that South Korea is in a “watershed” because he issued the highest level national alert and ordered the provision of new resources to respond to the epidemic, which was mainly concentrated in the southern city of Daegu, but has spread.

The Truth about the Coronavirus Outbreak - Latest Update from China

The entire East Asian nation, including the military. South Korea’s Ministry of Defense confirmed on Monday that four more soldiers have been confirmed to have been infected with the virus, bringing the total number of military personnel to 11.

It is feared that such outbreaks could quickly spread to densely packed forces and could spread to US forces in South Korea.

‘ Coronavirus Witch Hunting’

In Daegu, the epidemic was centered on Xintiandi religious groups.
Approximately 300 members of the team tested positive for the virus, and more than 9,000 practitioners were self-isolated when tested by health authorities. The infection is believed to have spread rapidly due to mass worship meetings held by the group, keeping them in close contact for a long time.

The outbreak was initiated by Christians and revolved around the character of its founder and chairman, Li Wenxi, which caused rigorous scrutiny and caused considerable hostility to the group. Of those Koreans identified as religious, more than 60% are mainstream Christians.

Shin Soonji’s project director Kim So-il compared recent criticism of the group with “witch hunting in the 19th century.”
He told CNN: “Everyone condemns Xintiandi, which is unfair, adding that the organization is currently in” great difficulty. ”

Xintiandi representatives told reporters in a speech on Sunday that practitioners were the “biggest victim” of the virus and urged people to “avoid hatred and baseless attacks.”

Daegu police said on Sunday they had deployed about 600 police officers to find 670 members of the Xintiandi religious group, whose whereabouts are unknown. Police say officials are accessing their registered addresses and using location tracking information from telecommunications service providers.

Under South Korean law on the prevention of infectious diseases, health authorities can ask the police for help, and telecommunication service providers must provide information when the police ask.

The virus has spread to various members of Xintiandi Temple and has broken out in a hospital near Daegu and in the country’s military. As of Monday, more than 760 cases have been diagnosed nationwide and 7 people have died.

Italy City locked down!

Outside Asia, cases have surged in Italy and Iran, and despite many travel restrictions on China, there is renewed concern that the virus is spreading globally.
Italian authorities announced Sunday a comprehensive blockade of the northern part of the country and took urgent steps to fight for Europe’s largest outbreak. To date, more than 900 cases have been confirmed in Italy, 12,000 confirmed cases in Europe and a death toll of 827.

“We are still unable to identify patient zero, so it is difficult to predict possible new cases,” the director of the National Defense Agency, Angelo Borrelli, told a news conference on Sunday.

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Following a surge in confirmed cases in Lombardy and northern Veneto, stringent emergency measures were taken over the weekend, including a ban on public activities in 10 cities.
Italian Health Minister Roberto Speranza announced strict restrictions in the affected areas, including the closure of public buildings, restrictions on transportation, and surveillance and isolation of individuals who may be exposed to the virus.

“We are basically asking everyone who suffers from the disease to accept mandatory housing,” Speranza said at a news conference on Saturday.

Italy’s top football league, Serie A, has cancelled at least three games scheduled for Lombardy and Veneto.
The country’s fashion capital, Milan, has announced that schools will be closed for a week starting Monday. A statement from the Italian Ministry of Education states that school trips inside and outside Italy have also been cancelled from Sunday.

But not only has the virus spread, it also has misinformation.

Many conspiracies have emerged since the outbreak – not to mention questionable health advice.

The BBC Monitoring team has looked at where these all came from.

Coronavirus Outbreak – False health advice

As deaths from coronavirus outbreaks continue to increase, social media users have shared advice on ways to treat or prevent the disease.

But at least some of the tips have turned out to be misleading or untrue.
Such a claim – shared 16,000 times on Facebook – advises users in the Philippines to “keep their necks moist”, avoid spicy foods and “load on vitamin C” to prevent the disease.

The information is said to be from the country’s health department, but it does not match the advice on the DOH website or its official outbreak press releases.

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Journalists and fact-checkers have found posts with identical or slightly altered wordings – which are said to be from local health authorities – are also posted on Facebook and WhatsApp in Canada, Pakistan and India.

As was the case with the Philippines, the advice does not match the information provided by health professionals in these countries.
Another unjustified claim shared online suggests avoiding cold or canned food and drink, such as ice cream and milkshakes, for “at least 90 days”.

One of the first to share this advice was a Facebook page called ForChange.
It followed the post with a video of a parasite being removed from the lips of a person, suggesting that the procedure was somehow related to the new coronavirus.

But as Altnew’s fact-checkers pointed out, the video is actually three months old and unrelated to the virus.
Facebook has since labeled the ForChange post as “false information”, but dozens of identical messages are still sent on the platform.

The World Health Organization’s official advice to the public about the new corona virus only suggests avoiding “raw or undercooked animal product”.
There is currently no vaccine against the virus, but standard recommendations to prevent infections apply.

These include:

  • Regular hand wash
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing and sneezing
  • If not, with the scab on your arm
  • Cook meat and eggs thoroughly
  • Avoid close contact with anyone who shows symptoms of respiratory disease, such as cough or fever

Bats soup videos – Chinese woman eating bat goes viral

From the beginning, people on the Internet speculated about the origin of the coronavirus. This was compounded by a plethora of videos said to show Chinese eating bats amid the deadly outbreak in Wuhan.

One such clip shows a smiling Chinese woman holding a cooked bat on camera before admitting it tastes “like chicken meat”. The video got a crime online, with some users blaming Chinese eating habits for the outbreak.

But the video was not shot in Wuhan or in China for that matter. Originally filmed in 2016, it features the popular blogger and travel guide Mengyun Wang during a trip to Palau, a western Pacific archipelago.
The clip appeared on social media after cases of the new coronavirus appeared in Wuhan late last year.

After a backlash online, Wang apologized and said she was “just trying to introduce the lives of the locals” to the audience and had not known that bats could be a virus carrier. Her video has since been taken down.

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The new coronavirus is believed to have come from illicit wildlife in a seafood market in Wuhan.

Although bats in recent research from China have been named as a possible source of the virus, bat soup is not very common in the country, and investigations into its exact origin continue.

Coronavirus – :  How worried should we be?
Has China learned lessons since the deadly Sars epidemic?
Was the coronavirus Outbreak ‘planned?

When the United States reported its first case about the corona virus last week, several patent frameworks began circulating on Twitter and Facebook, which at first glance seem to suggest that experts have been aware of the virus for years.

One of the first users to come across these accusations was conspiracy theorist and YouTuber Jordan Sather.

In a long thread that has been retweeted thousands of times, he shared a link to a 2015 patent filed by the Pirbright Institute in Surrey, England, which talks about developing a weakened version of coronavirus for potential use as a vaccine to prevent or treat respiratory diseases. The same link has also been widely distributed on Facebook, mainly in conspiracy and anti-vaccination groups.

Sather used the fact that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is a donor to both Pirbright and vaccine development to suggest that the current outbreak virus has somehow been deliberately produced to attract funds to develop a vaccine.

“And how much funding has the Gates Foundation given to vaccine programs over the years? Was the release of this disease planned? Are the media used to stimulate fear around it?” Satter tweeted.

But Pirbright’s patent is not for the new corona virus. Instead, it covers the avian infectious bronchitis virus, a member of the broader coronavirus family that infects poultry.

Regarding speculation about the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Pirbright spokeswoman Teresa Maughan told Buzzfeed News that the Foundation’s special work on the infectious bronchitis virus was not funded by this foundation.


Find out more about the new coronavirus

‘Bioweapon’ conspiracies

Another baseless claim that has gone viral online suggests that the virus was part of China’s “hidden biological weapons program” and may have leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.
Many stories pushing the theory cite two widely shared Washington Times articles, both citing a former Israeli military intelligence officer for the allegation.

However, no evidence has been provided for the allegation in the two articles, and the Israeli source is quoted as saying that “there is as yet no evidence or indication” to suggest that there was a leak.

So far, the two articles have been posted on hundreds of different social accounts for a potential audience of millions.

The Daily Star published a similar piece last week, claiming the virus may have “started in a secret laboratory”. However, it has since changed the piece to add that there is no evidence of the claim.

‘Spy team’

Another claim linked the virus inaccurately to the suspension of a scientist at Canada’s National Microbiology Laboratory.

Virologist Dr Xiangguo Qiu, her husband and some of her students from China were removed from the lab after a possible “policy violation,” according to a report from Canada’s National Broadcasting CBC last year. Police told CBC News there was “no threat to public safety”.

Another report said that Dr. Qiu had visited the Wuhan National Biosafety Laboratory at the Chinese Academy of Sciences twice a year for two years.

A tweet with more than 12,000 retweets and 13,000 likes – claimed without evidence that Dr. Qiu and her husband were a “spy team”, had sent “pathogens to the Wuhan plant” and that her husband “specialized in coronavirus research”.

None of the three claims in the tweet are found in the two CBC reports, and the terms “coronavirus” and “spy” do not even appear in either.
CBC has since reported that these allegations are baseless.

‘Wuhan nurse video’

Various versions of a “whistleblower” video, allegedly taken by a “doctor” or a “nurse” in Hubei Province, have put together millions of views on various social media platforms and discussed in numerous online reports.


The most popular version was uploaded to YouTube by a Korean user and included English and Korean subtitles – the video has since been taken down.

According to the English subtitles, the woman is a nurse at a hospital in Wuhan. However, she claims not to be a nurse or doctor in the video at all. This seems to be just an assumption from those who have uploaded different versions of the video to social media.

The woman, who does not identify herself, is wearing protective clothing in an unknown location. However, her suit and mask do not match those worn by medical staff in Hubei.

Because the lockdown is being enforced by the authorities, it is difficult to verify videos from the province. But she makes a number of substantiated claims about the virus, making her unlikely to become a nurse or ambulance staff.

She also claims the virus has a “second mutation”, which can infect up to 14 people. But the World Health Organization has so far estimated the number of infections a person carrying the virus can cause is 1.4 to 2.5
“She doesn’t sound like anyone from a medical professional,” Muyi Xiao, a Wuhan native and visual editor of ChinaFile online magazine, told the BBC.

Although the exact location of the video is unknown, the woman is likely to be a Hubei resident who shares her personal opinion on the outbreak.

“I think there’s a possibility that she thinks she’s telling the truth. Because no one knows the truth,” Badiucao, a Chinese political activist currently based in Australia, told the BBC.

“No openness has just left people guessing and panicking.”

Hundreds stranded in Japan Cruise Ship Over COVID-19 Virus Fears

Passengers traveling on vacation in the western Pacific are well aware of the danger of being infected by the covid 19 virus.

Presently, the Diamond Princess, a huge, cruise ship that is isolated and quarantined in the Japanese port of Yokohama.

More than 200 passengers on board have been infected with the new coronavirus COVID-19. The response of the health officer was that there were about 3500 passengers on board. They are waiting until the existing cases can be treated and other passengers are cleared of the disease.

The number of cases from the ship is the largest group of infections in the world outside China.

The AP talked to the passengers and viewed their communication on social media.

Some people are making the most of it.   Even during the isolation, Cheryl and Paul Moski seem to still be on vacation.



Covid 19 Vaccine

Pharmaceutical companies and organizations that have collaborated to produce coronavirus vaccines

GeoVax and BravoVax.

US-based pharmaceutical company GeoVax and China-based pharmaceutical company BravoVax announced plans to develop vaccines based on the former MVA-VLP vaccine platform.

BravoVax will be responsible for testing and producing vaccines, in coordination with China’s public health and regulatory authorities.

GeoVax’s modified Vaccinia Ankara platform enhances the expression and stability of transgenes in the manufacturing process. Combined with the immunogenicity of viral particles (VLPs), the technology can produce a single dose of vaccine, providing comprehensive protection.

iBio and CC-domain bully

iBio and CC-Phaiming have established a partnership to develop a plant-derived coronavirus vaccine based on the former FastPharming System™, which was previously used to produce antibody candidates against Ebola and dengue viruses.

The FastPharming System™was developed with funding from the U.S. Department of Defense, DARPA.

The Rome-based biotechnology companies Takis and Evvivax have announced their plans to develop a vaccine against Covid-19. These companies will use genetic vaccination techniques capable of producing multiple antibodies to neutralize viruses and a stronger immune response.

The Alliance for Epidemic Preparedness innovation(CEPI) and GlaxoSmithKline

The outbreak preparedness Innovation Alliance (CEPI) and GlaxoSmithKline announced a collaboration to develop a new vaccine for treatment in 2019-nCOV. GSK will use its pandemic vaccine adjuvant platform technology to develop the vaccine.

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The technology by adding adjuvants in existing vaccines to promote the rapid development of the immune response to promote the vaccine. The use of adjuvants can also reduce the amount of antigen required for each dose, while providing better immunity to resist infection.

Cepi and the University of Queensland

CEPI has requested the University of Queensland to use its rapid response technology molecule clamp to quickly track the development of vaccines. The new technology provides stability to the viral proteins responsible for producing immune defenses. It can provide vaccines in less than six months and has shown promising results against influenza, Ebola, Nipah and MERS coronavirus.

CEPI, Moderna and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

Under a CEPI-funded project, Moderna is developing a mRNA vaccine as a treatment for 2019-nCoV. The Vaccine Research Center (VRC) is part of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and will work with the development of vaccines. NIAID will be responsible for conducting Ind support studies and Phase 1 clinical studies in the United States.

CEPI and CureVac.

Crevac has already received $830m of initial funding from CEPI to speed up the development of vaccines against nCoV-2019. The company will use its technology and mRNA platform to develop new vaccines and start testing in the coming months.


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