The Star Wars live action TV show has a name: The Mandalorian


Since it was once introduced in March that Iron Man director Jon Favreau was once creating a live-action Star Wars TV show set after the occasions of Return of the Jedi, enthusiasts had been speculating as to its topic. 

Well, surprise not more. Favreau took to Facebook Wednesday to announce the title of the impending collection: The Mandalorian. (Unusually for Lucasfilm, the announcement was once no longer right away posted on — however the truth that Lucasfilm workers are liking the put up on Facebook suggests it is 100% reputable.) 

Here’s what that suggests for the extra informal fan: We’re going to get a lot of characters dressed like Boba Fett. The bounty hunter (and his clone father from the prequels, Jango Fett) each wore Mandalorian armor — however, confusingly, in line with legitimate Star Wars canon because it stands at this time, neither persona was once a Mandalorian. 

The planet of Mandalore, as noticed within the animated collection Clone Wars and Rebels, was once home to a race of mercenaries that blasted their home international to pieces in a collection of civil wars. 

Favreau will spin their tale ahead, into the 30-year length before the upward push of the First Order as proven in The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, and concentrate on the tale of a unmarried gunfighter. 

In different phrases, it appears like a Space Western. 

There’s nonetheless no liberate date announcement for The Mandalorian — and with Favreau’s live-action Lion King coming in summer season 2019, we suspect he will be busy for the foreseeable long run. 

Still, the announcement is a exciting one for Star Wars enthusiasts. In specific, a subset of enthusiasts referred to as the Mandalorian Mercs, who assemble their very own Fett-like armor and collect incessantly at maximum geek-friendly conventions. 

Reports of a spin-off Boba Fett film nonetheless have no longer been showed by way of Lucasfilm; the truth that Solo underperformed expectancies on the field place of business turns out to have Disney and its Star Wars subsidiary pumping the brakes on such standalone tasks, even if they aren’t cancelled fully. 

Fett, who says a mere 28 phrases in all the authentic Star Wars trilogy and suffers an ignominious finish within the Sarlacc pit in Return of the Jedi, by no means gave the impression to have a lot room in his tale for spin-off material. 

The Mandalorian tradition as a complete, then again, turns out a lot extra promising — as witnessed by way of the truth that Clone Wars and Rebels each returned to the planet for more than one tale arcs. 

Still unannounced: any main points at the trilogy of films recently being evolved by way of Last Jedi director Rian Johnson; any main points at the trilogy being evolved by way of Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss; or any main points on a Star Wars mission from somebody who isn’t a white male. 

At least the ones on the lookout for extra various illustration within the galaxy a long way, a long way away can take middle from the truth that each and every on-screen illustration of Mandalorians up to now has proven them to be other folks of colour

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