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Texans vs Colts final score: Jacoby Brissett racks up career numbers, buries Houston defense in Indy

Texans vs. Colts ..It was a game highly intense by focus, with the Texans not having much while it contrarily oozed.

The Houston Texans can’t get out of the way at all, and more penalties allow the Indianapolis Colts to add more dirt to the Houston coffin as the game progresses.

Although they eventually lost the game 30-23, they always felt like the Texans should have stayed ahead of the game, but never.

They latter entered the game with more damage, and in the first quarter, the situation in this category did not improve. Former first-round draft pick Will Fuller was ruled out due to a hamstring injury, and security veteran Tashaun Gipson (Sr.) was questionable but never actually returned, Texas People are weakened at this minute.

Houston defender cornerback Johnathan Joseph was injured again in the second quarter, and he did suffer insults with a shoulder injury.

In the end, it was injury and a slew of mental errors that cost the Texans the win. Jacoby Brissett caught fire in the second half with the help of tight end Eric Ebron, and the Colts never looked back as their defense helped put the final clamps on a job well done.

Why the Colts won

This is not for Marlon Mack to build his own game, but for Brissett to take responsibility. That’s exactly what he did, throwing a career-high 325 yards in 26 careers with 39 touchdowns and zero interceptions.

It was an impressive outing, and the Texans defense didn’t have any answers for him, including the usually excellent pass sprint, which failed to fire Brisset at one time.

Texans vs Colts A game highly intense by focus

Why the Texans lost

Simply put, the Texans took two steps back due to avoidable mistakes for every step forward. They had 10 penalties on the day and nearly half of them awarded the Colts an automatic first down, helping to keep drives alive that would’ve otherwise been dead.

The Colts took full advantage, and kept the Texans fighting an upward battle all afternoon.

Turning point

This one will stick in the craw of Texans fans for a long time, and infuriated Watson when it happened, mostly because if the play wasn’t blown dead, it’s a much-needed touchdown and momentum swing.

Instead, it was a sack, and yet another one of the Texans several failed red zone trips. Considering the final score, this might’ve changed everything before it was all said-and-done.

Play of the game

You could argue Darius Leonard intercepting Watson with 37 seconds remaining and the Texans down by seven points was the play of the game, but I’d argue while it was certainly the nail in the coffin, there’s another that gets POTG honors.

Two words: Eric Ebron.

A harsh, but fair take on the Texans afternoon

“The only way the Texans are going to win this game is if [Houston Astros star] Jose Altuve suits up, and he ain’t available,” said John McClain of the Houston Chronicle, as the Texans tried desperately to mount what became a failed comeback attempt.

What’s next

The Colts will now host the Denver Broncos in Week 8, as the Texans head home hoping for better luck against the Oakland Raiders.

Be sure to scroll through the live stream below for any and all of the action you might’ve missed!

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