South Australia record ZERO new coronavirus outbreaks

South Australia record ZERO new coronavirus outbreaks

South Australia coronavirus outbreaks:

ZERO new outbreaks of coronavirus in Australia have taken place this weekends at Adelaide, Perth, Canberra.

In South Australia, the NT and ACT record ZERO cases of the coronavirus over the entire weekend after extensive testing – triggering calls to relieve locks

Australia’s declining coronavirus infection rate has triggered calls for loosening of locking rules, but experts warn that restrictions must wait until after winter.

South Australia, the Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory reported no new cases of coronavirus over the weekend.

Queensland also did not identify any new diagnosis of COVID-19 for the first time in more than two months on Monday.

South Australia, with a population of 1.76 million, remained on only 81 confirmed cases Sunday night despite a testing blitz of more than 5000 coronavirus tests across the state in the past two days.

The state's last increase was in contrast to one case on Friday.

The state’s last increase was in contrast to one case on Friday.

SA Health Minister Stephen Wade said it was too soon to remove border controls but that other restrictions would loosen in the coming weeks, including for elective surgery.

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‘Border control will not be the first wave of restrictions eased. We are going to be very careful as we ease back on these restrictions, ‘he told ABC News on Sunday.

For Queensland this is the first time in 81 days that there are no new cases and it leaves the state total at 1019.

There are only 20 people in hospital in the state of sunshine, seven of them in intensive care on ventilators.

The Northern Territory, with a population of 245,600, had only 28 cases on Sunday and no deaths.

‘The Northern Territory is uniquely situated, it is one of the safest places in the world – we want to keep it that way,’ said Health Minister Natasha Fyles.

The NT president of the Australian Medical Association, Rob Parker, praised the NI Government for closing the borders quickly.

Anyone entering the NT from overseas or intersection must spend 14 days in quarantine at a hotel and must pay the $ 2500 bill himself.

South Australia record ZERO new coronavirus

South Australia record ZERO new coronavirus

The ACT, with a population of just over 428,000, has gone six straight days with no new cases recorded leaving the number of confirmed infections at 103 on Sunday.

Western Australia, with a population of 2.63 million, hit the weekend, citing just one new coronavirus outbreak on Sunday taking the state total to 545.

WA Health Minister Roger Cook said the 60-year-old man was found by tracking down contact with a confirmed case and having tested positive in the state’s goldfields.

There were no new diagnoses in Perth, which joined Adelaide, Canberra and Darwin as cities that saw no confirmed cases over the weekend.

The Artania Fremantle cruise ship left Saturday after 400 crew and 11 passengers still on board completed a 14-day quarantine period, while on Sunday morning a flight carrying 58 passengers and crew left Perth bound for Bangkok.

The ship is the source of at least 81 WA coronavirus cases and 11 of its crew and passengers were still in Perth hospitals as of yesterday.

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New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland, Australia’s three most populous provinces, recorded increases over the weekend, with the national total rising to 6612 cases nationwide on Sunday.

The Australian pandemic curve has flattened with lower numbers of new infections, encouraging hopes that the lockout restrictions may soon be eased.

The rate of new cases has dropped after Prime Minister Scott Morrison introduced strict restrictions on travel and assemblies on March 16.

The Prime Minister has said that Australia needs to meet three criteria before the restrictions can be lifted.

More tracking and response capabilities and refined testing regimes are among the criteria.

Refined testing regimes, better contact tracking and better local response capabilities are benchmarks that must be met before the Australian National Security Cabinet can look at lifting the lock.

Mobile phone tracking with a coronavirus tracking app is one of the measures introduced to improve contact tracking, with the Prime Minister urging Australians to download the app voluntarily on Friday.

‘I know this would be something they would not normally do at ordinary time but this is not ordinary time,’ he said.

‘If you download this app, you will help save someone’s life.’

Experts say that the rate of increase in the number of cases is slowing down and that some restrictions could be eased without causing new infections to start again.

Professor Peter Collignon of the Australian National University Medical School said the epidemic curve most likely peaked on March 27.


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