Photos of Google’s new Pixel tablet leak before its October event

Photos of Google's new Pixel tablet leak before its October event


The Pixelbook Chromebook Google launched closing year. Now the corporate is reportedly making plans a ChromeOS tablet.

Image: mashable/raymond wong

At this level, the most important query about Google’s annual {hardware} event isn’t what new merchandise the corporate will sing their own praises, but when there is anything else left we’ve not observed but.

The newest: pictures of Google’s new Pixel-branded tablet, that have surfaced due to My Smart Price. The leaks kicked into prime equipment some time in the past, however even the ones have ramped up significantly in the previous few days.

As with all leaks, some skepticism is warranted, however the new pictures line up with earlier rumors and they look like the true deal.

The tablet, reportedly called the Pixel Slate, is supposed to be Google’s solution to the iPad Pro or Microsoft Surface. It’s a standard-looking tablet with a removable keyboard duvet and stylus.

Importantly, it’s going to run ChromeOS (not like Google’s closing Pixel-branded tablet, the Pixel C). Like closing year’s Pixelbook, apparently the Pixel Slate may also make use of Google Assistant, because the keyboard accent seems to have a devoted key with the Assistant brand on it.

This would make the instrument extra very similar to closing year’s Pixelbook, Google’s extensively praised $1,000 Chromebook. But in spite of being cherished through reviewers, the prime worth averted it from being a shopper hit. 

Google is reportedly making plans on appearing off the new Pixel Slate along its new Pixel three lineup at its  event in New York on Tuesday.

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