Party Rock Anthem has the same BPM as a lot of songs, and it’s a glorious meme now


Please take a second to realize one of the web’s biggest items: the Party Rock Anthem song video set to different songs. 

LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem captures the spirit of 2011, from the thick rimmed glasses, to the thin denims, to the inexplicable development of dressed in vests over T-shirts. Although the tune is now infrequently performed at public occasions instead of candy sixteens and unlucky weddings, it’s nonetheless a liked piece of popular culture. It’s so totally loved, it went diamond previous this year, snagging 10 million gadgets thru tune gross sales and streams. 

But in case the infectious beat and enthusiastic lyrics are an excessive amount of so that you can in reality revel in, Twitter has your again. People had been surroundings the song video’s upbeat choreography to different songs that experience the same beats according to minute, and the results are hilarious. 

The meme originated with @Josejusejo, who learned that the song video synced up completely with the Evangelion theme tune, which created an unlucky nightmare mixing anime and 2011 celebration tradition. 

It went viral, and different Twitter customers started including their favourite songs to the LMFAO vintage. Here are a few of the perfect edits:

So if following present occasions makes you need to twist up in fetal place and cry, just watch a few Party Rock Anthem memes. It’s smartly value it.

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