drivers using mobile phones

NSW drivers using mobile phones risk being caught by hidden cameras

NSW drivers using mobile phones :

NSW drivers threatening lives with mobile phones at the wheel are at risk of being caught by unmarked cameras as soon the new technologies are introduced across the state.

However, drivers who violate the law are initially spared from the punishment for a three-month grace period if they only receive a warning letter.

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Minister of Transport Andrew Constance says the world’s first technology aimed at using phones with fixed and mobile cameras mounted on a trailer has been launched since December 1st 2020.

A six-month test version follows, in which more than 100,000 drivers took part.

“It’s stupid, it’s dangerous, it’ll kill someone – and people don’t understand the news,” Constance told reporters.

“Driving a cell phone is like driving drunk. Driving with a mobile phone is equivalent to 0.08 at the wheel of a car, and that’s why we’re hard and fast now. ”

“Driving a cell phone is like driving drunk.”

Mr. Constance said the grace period was fair and the state government was “friendly in this regard.”

“We want people to get the warning letter and change their behavior immediately, which I think will happen,” he said.

The police will continue to enforce illegal phone use and will report violations as usual during the grace period.

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Around 45 cameras has been introduced across Sydney and the NSW region since December 1st. They are not identified by signage.

What is the punishment?

At the end of the warning period, drivers are fined $ 344 – or $ 457 if caught in a school zone – and lose five points of failure.

Drivers can legally use phone holders and make and receive calls via Bluetooth, said Constance.

hidden traffic cameras in NSW for capturing mobile phones drivers

Hidden traffic cameras in NSW for capturing drivers using mobile phones

He said that if phones were not recognized by an algorithm, pictures would be destroyed within an hour of taking them.

If cell phones were available, the images would be viewed by two qualified professionals.

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