New Fan Footage Of Khabib Cage Leap Is Absolutely Terrifying


So you are a billionaire, a stick insect, a Hollywood A-lister, a Ryder Cup winner and you’ve got just watched a Dagestani man combat an Irish man to near-asphyxiation from a disturbingly-close distance and you might be considering how existence is loopy when unexpectedly the Dagestani man mounts the cage and does a wild drop kick proper out of Zangief’s playbook from Street Fighter 2 and lands on best of you, after which you might be considering existence is actually loopy, I could have made a actually nice video of this if the Dagestani man hadn’t bludgeoned me in his try to bludgeon the Irish man’s partner, the place are the police officers, any person save me.

That’s what occurs on this video, shot from within the enviornment, posted to Reddit/sports activities

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