Neurosurgeon who separated conjoined twins dies of Covid-19

New York neurosurgeon who separated conjoined twins dies has died of complications Covid-19

According to the hospital where he works, neurosurgeon Dr. James T. Goodrich allowed CNN to separate twins Jadon and Anias McDonald in an excellent operation.

Dr. Philip O. Ozuah, CEO of Montefiore Medical, said: “Dr. Goodrich is the beacon of our institution and he will be truly missed.” His expertise and ability is second only to his kindness and manners. ”

The hospital described Goodrich as “a humble and truly caring person”, and he “is not afraid of the limelight and is loved by colleagues and employees.” They talked about his skills as a neurosurgeon, and about his spirit, including how he bakes cookies and handed them to nurses during the holidays.

Dr. James T. Goodrich
Dr. James T. Goodrich working in ICU

Dr. Emad Eskandar, head of the Department of Neurosurgery at the Albert Einstein School of Medicine, said:

“Jim is in many ways the heart and soul of our department-a senior surgeon, a world-class educator and everyone Beloved colleagues, “said Montefiore Medical Center. “His sudden loss is heartbreaking, and his memory will always be the most important in our thinking.”

The hospital called Goodrich a pioneer in helping children with complex neurological disorders. He developed a multi-stage method to separate skull twins, such as Jadon and Anias McDonald, which are fused to the brain and skull.

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Goodrich got attention when he performed surgery on the twins Carl and Clarence Aguirre from the Philippines in 2004. The twins from the Philippines shared about 8 cm of brain tissue.

In 2016, Goodrich led a team of 40 doctors to perform a 27-hour operation at the Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx, separating Anias and Jadon.

They were only 13 months old when they separated. CNN and Goodrich were in the operating room with the team, and the boys separated.

separated conjoined twins
separated conjoined twins

It marks the seventh separation operation performed by Goodrich-and the 59th skull separation operation in the world since 1952.

A doctor with white hair and a beard is known for his incredible skills, but so is his heart. He often keeps in touch with patients undergoing surgery. The family talked about how he would never forget the children’s birthdays and always existed for those special milestones that he helped achieve.

Before the McDonald’s brothers had surgery, he told CNN that separating twins was “actually great.” “It’s messy …
“We boiled it down to a fine art, but at first it was a challenge.”

Goodrich worked in Montefiore Einstein for more than 30 years in the 1970s, was the director of Montefiore’s pediatric neurosurgery department, and worked in Albert Albert Einstein College of Medicine is a professor of clinical neurosurgery, pediatrics, plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Montefel Einstein said that Goodrich, originally from Oregon and a former Marine in the Vietnam War, was known for his passion for historical artifacts, travel and surfing. His wife and three sisters survived.


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