NASA finds previously hidden earth like planet that could have life

NASA finds previously hidden earth like planet that could have life

Nasa retrieved old data from a retired space telescope, Nasa has discovered an “intriguing” world which may be home to life.

The Earth-sized exoplanet orbits around the habitable zone of its star, indicating the temperature is warm enough to sustain liquid water on a rocky earth.

The remote planet was found when astronomers sorted through old measurements that came from the Kepler space telescope, which ceased their research in 2018 but received a large quantity of star data before they did.

Prior to this, a machine program had rejected the world that misidentified it. But as part of recent work, scientists have been able to take another peek at the knowledge found in the Kepler evidence and see that it was a world that was never unnoticed.

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In addition, in terms of its size and approximate temperature it is the most close to Earth of any planet discovered by the Kepler space telescope. Although the scale or temperature of certain exoplanets might be more comparable, no world has been found that has such a mixture of these two characteristics as well as lying in the habitable region.

NASA finds previously hidden earth like planet

The first ever selfie-taken on an alien planet, captured by Nasa’s Curiosity Rover in the early days of its mission to explore Mars in 2012

The earth ranges from humans about 300 light-years, only a bit smaller than our Moon which receives about 75% of the energy we receive from our own Sun. This ensures the temperature may also be close, allowing for the life-required conditions.

Nevertheless, physicists fear that the star is a red dwarf, unlike our own relatively healthy Sun. These stars are known to send out solar flare-ups that would kill all life until they take control of the earth.

Researchers also expect to know more about the earth and some knowledge regarding the environment and know more about its scale and conditions.

“This fascinating, alien universe offers us much more optimism that a second Planet could exist between the planets, ready to be discovered,” said Thomas Zurbuchen, NASA’s Space Mission Directorate’s associate in Washington.


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