covid-19: School organizes mobile graduation from house to house

Covid-19: School organizes mobile graduation from house to house

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, a school in Isabela held a “mobile graduation ceremony” for their graduates.

Mobile Graduation : The Cauayan East Central School in Isabela receives online attention for their creative and innovative way of showing their support to their graduates.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, strict social distance protocols and a ban on mass meetings have been imposed across the country. Parents and even graduates know how discouraging it is that they cannot walk onto the stage to get their degree.

The Cauayan East Central School still decided to give their graduates a ceremony. Although quite unusual, the school decided to hold a mobile graduation ceremony. Via an improvised stage in the back of a truck, the school officials visited their students’ homes to present their prizes and certificates. As with the usual graduation ceremony, students climb the stage to receive their diplomas while socializing and wearing their face masks.

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On Facebook, Marvin Tuquib Alicaycay shared photos of the unique graduation ceremony.

He said, “The Cauayan East Central School Mobile Graduation Ceremony. Unusual award but the same emotions. Congratulations batch 2019-2020. “Confidently go in the direction of your dream. Live the life you imagined. – Henry David Thoreau ”

Many netizens were also impressed by the school’s efforts for their graduates. A netizen said, “Nice idea. I salute the school for the effort. ‘

Another netizen said, “Kahit simply, at least, can graduate at a stage in the short term.”

However, there are also those who have shared concerns that it could put others at risk for a possible COVID-19 infection.

Covid 19 Impact on Education

Schools across the country have been closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Do these massive school closings set a precedent in the history of the United States?

Advice to schools

Adjust school policy where necessary

Develop a flexible attendance and absenteeism policy that encourages students and staff to stay at home
in the event of illness or when caring for sick relatives. Discourage the use of perfect turnout prices
and incentives. Identify critical functions and positions and plan for alternative coverage by cross-training personnel. Plan for possible academic calendar changes, especially regarding breaks and exams.

Monitor the school attendance

Implement school absenteeism control systems to track and compare the absence of students and staff
against the usual absenteeism patterns at school. Warn local health authorities about a significant increase in absenteeism due to illness of the respiratory system of students and staff.

Plan for continuity of learning

Support for permanent access in case of absenteeism / sick leave or temporary school termination
quality education. This could be:

• Use of online / e-learning strategies
• Reading and assigning exercises for home study
• Radio, podcast or television broadcasts with academic content
• Assign teachers to conduct daily or weekly follow-up with students remotely
• Review / develop accelerated education strategies

Implement targeted health education

Integrate disease prevention and control into daily activities and lessons. Make sure that content is age, gender, ethnicity and disability responsive and activities are built into existing topics.

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