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Meals on Wheels begins pet food delivery program

Meals on Wheels begins pet food delivery program

So many times, people have to choose between feeding themselves or their pets.

This is especially true for older people with a fixed income. A local non-profit organization is intervening to help. The Lifecare Alliance Advanced Pet Care Program provides free pet food and medical services to owners in need.

In taking care of daisies, Maria True can now help. Her income is fixed. She remembers sharing food with dogs to save money.


“A lot of times I feed her when I’m eating some. She likes turkey sometimes. If I get turkey lunch meat. Spread that out too so it’s not expensive,” True.

At $2 a can, she said she would stretch daisy’s food.

“And may use a half a can or little can she likes. That way she gets one one a day,” said True.

Those days are behind them.  She signed up for the Senior Petcare Program.  It gives seniors free pet food and vet care from medical professionals at the Ohio State School of Veterinary Medicine.  Organizers started the program after seeing so many others like True on meals on wheels deliveries.

Michelle Jones with Lifecare Alliance said this program is needed.

“So we were seeing bread wrappers, food trays, out by their dog houses.  And we thought oh my gosh they’re sharing meals with their pets,” said Jones.

True is thankful she no longer has to make that decision.  She feels no senior should have to   give up their pet.


“Seniors need their pets. Bottom line. When you live by yourself. Your pets mean the world to you,” said Jones.


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