lack of equipment hospitals threatens doctors would be fired

lack of equipments – hospitals threatens doctors would be fired

DC – Washington state hospital  told doctors that they would be fired if they shouted for lack of equipments

lack of equipments – Hospitals have threatened to fire health care workers who discloses their working conditions during a coronavirus pandemic and, in some cases, take action.

Ming Lin, a Washington state emergency room physician, said on Friday he was told he was unemployed as he was interviewed in a newspaper about Facebook posts detailing what he thought were insufficient protective equipment and tests. In Chicago, an email was sent to a colleague who wanted to be fired after wearing a protective mask while on duty. In New York, the NYU Langone Health system warns employees that they may be fired if they talk to the media without authorization.

“The hospital is shrinking nurses and other medical staff to protect its image,” said Ruth Schubert, a spokesman for the Washington State Nurses Association. “This is outrageous.”

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Lack of equipments – Traditionally, hospitals have strict media guidelines to protect patients’ privacy, urging staff to speak to reporters only through the official public relations office. Schubert said, but the epidemic has entered a new era.

“Medical staff” must have the ability to tell the public exactly what is happening inside the facility that cares for Covid-19 patients, she said. ”

One reason is to prepare other nurses and doctors to respond to imminent cases and encourage donation of much-needed equipment, especially personal protective equipment that protects individuals from infection and then goes home when other patients and their families get infected.

One of the earliest alerts about a mysterious new disease in China was raised by doctors in an online chat room in late December. He was condemned and forced to sign a police statement stating the position was illegal. He later contracted the disease from the patient and died.

Glen Cohen, director of the Center for Bioethics at Harvard Law School, said: “It is appropriate for health care professionals to express their concerns and concerns, especially when expressing their concerns and concerns.” Hospitals may try to limit Reputation loss because “the public is upset about the hospital system when health care professionals say they are not protected.”

Doctors are well-known independent professions, where the personal medical judgment that is best for the patient is better than the executive order. This caught the attention of many during the Covid-19 outbreak, with many doctors, nurses and other medical staff entering social media and expressing deep concern over the lack of protective equipment or respirators for much needed patient care equipment.

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Some posts are widely circulated and shared hundreds of thousands of times, often marked with #GetMePPE. Privacy laws prohibit disclosure of specific patient information, but do not prohibit discussion of general working conditions.

lack of equipments – NYU Langone Health employees received a notification Friday from Kathy Lewis, executive vice president of communications, stating that anyone who talks to the media without authorization will be “disciplined, including fired.”

NYU Langone Health spokesman Jim Mandler said the policy aims to protect the confidentiality of patients and employees. “Because information is constantly evolving, in the best interests of our employees and institutions, only those with the latest information can address these issues through the media.”


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