Kevin Sorbo Suggest Trump’s Mocking Ford Because Some Women are Hypocrites


Kevin Sorbo

I Get Trump Mocking Ford …

Some Women are #MeToo Hypocrites

10/4/2018 12:30 AM PDT


Kevin Sorbo thinks the #MeToo motion is a double-edged sword — it is useful to ladies however unfair to the accused — and that is the reason why President Trump went after Dr. Christine Ford so arduous all over his rally.

We were given TV’s ‘Hercules’ Wednesday at LAX and requested him about Trump mocking Ford, and whether or not it used to be suitable to so publicly select an aspect all over the FBI probe into her sexual attack claim.

Sorbo sidestepped a right away reaction, however stated it used to be “sad” and “scary” that anybody will also be accused of the rest at the present time and they are not blameless ’til confirmed accountable. To that time, he stated he is witnessed “hypocritical” ladies in showbiz who are the usage of the #MeToo motion as a protect to make false allegations.

Kevin admitted many ladies truly were abused and he discovered that pathetic, however he sought after there to be a method to enhance each accusers and the accused.

As for do so? He advised we dig into his previous Herc cloth wardrobe.

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