Kevin Nash On The Undertaker Facing Triple H At Super Show-Down “No One Cares About The Young Guys”


Kevin Nash used to be just lately interviewed by way of Sporting News. Below are a few highlights:

Criticism for The Undertaker going through Triple H at Super Show-Down versus a more youthful skill:

“No one cares concerning the younger guys. When I watched Summerslam that (Undertaker and Tripe H) bundle stuck my eye and made me need to see that fit. I have no idea if I need to see Roman Reigns as opposed to Undertaker once more. What extra of a rub are you able to give than that? He’s [been] given rubs before they usually just don’t seem to be getting over.”

Why younger stars don’t seem to be getting over to get fanatics to look them in opposition to legends like Taker:

“Who would you put in those positions? You going to put Finn [Balor] in there versus The Undertaker? [Seth] Rollins? Who are you going to put?”

Who is responsible for fanatics now not worrying about the more youthful skill:

“I just don’t think there’s going to be guys like that anymore. Those guys aren’t going to have 30 years in the business. This style won’t allow these guys to last 30 years. Rollins already had a couple knee operations, but he’s a great worker. I just don’t see these guys even lasting 20 years because of their bodies and the concussion syndrome. Now, they (WWE) are doing concussion testing and everything else.”

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