Johnny Damon Calls For Yankees Upset Over Red Sox, Go New York!


Johnny Damon

Yankees Will Upset Red Sox In ALDS

… Go New York!!

10/4/2018 4:15 PM PDT


Sorry, Boston … Johnny Damon‘s making it 100% transparent — he bleeds pinstripes now.

“New York’s my team,” Johnny tells TMZ Sports. “The Yankees, that’s who I want to win.”

Damon says he nonetheless does have no less than SOME love in his middle for the Sox — a team he broke a curse with and received a World Series inside 2004.

But, in terms of Boston-N.Y. within the ALDS — he is were given his Yanks cap firmly on.

“I think [the Yankees] upset them,” Damon says.

So, why’s Johnny — who performed Four seasons in N.Y. after his Four seasons in Boston — picking aspects??

Johnny sorta explains — when he left Boston, contract talks created some drama. But, with the Yanks, it is been not anything however excellent vibes from them since retirement.

Plus … it does not harm that he spends numerous time in N.Y. at the present time.

As for the real X’s and O’s at the diamond … ya gotta listen why he thinks the Yankees will win DESPITE the Red Sox being the easier team.

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