Imam of Peace – Mohammad Tawhidi giving money on twitter to Nigerians

Imam of Peace – Mohammad Tawhidi, Biography, Age, Country and Religion.

The imam of peace mohammad tawhidi is giving away cash online to help support people in nigeiria amid coronavirus pandemic outbreak.  In his own words:

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Who is The Imam of Peace, Mohammad Tawhidi?

Born 1982/1983 (age 36–37)

Religion Shia Islam
Senior posting
Based in Adelaide, Australia


Mohammad Tawhidi is a Muslim imam and reformer. Imah Tahih has been accepted by a number of centrist Muslims and anti-Islamic extremists.

Imam of Peace, Mohammad Tawhidi – Early life and education

Mohammad Tawhidi is a Shi’ite, Iraqi Muslim born in Qom, Iran,  in 1982 or 1983.

In 2009, he enrolled a bachelor’s degree in Islamic Studies at Al-Mustafa University in Qom but moved out in 2012. [8] After that, he worked for one of the Shirazi television stations that ran in Karbala [9] in 2015. He returned to Australia and is currently based in Adelaide. He speaks Arabic, English and Persian fluently.

Mohammad Tawhidi Views

Tawhidi used to hold Sadiq Hussaini Shirazi as a marja taqlid, a powerful religious leader.But since 2015, Tawhidi has stated that he has not applied for any particular religious leadership.It has marked the difference between his views and Shiraji. Regarding issues

Tahiti is the president of the Islamic Society of South Australia, which he founded in 2016. He refers to himself as “The Imam of Peace”

Mohammad Tawhidi – About Islam

Tawhidi believes that Islam must be reformed to survive. He saw that all terrorist acts would be condemned in the Qur’an and condemned ISIL as a radical body that does not represent religion. In June 2017, after the jihadi terrorist attack in London, he described the branch as “cancer” in religion.

He is also a key figure in the treatment of women in Islam, calling for the appointment of women to the National Imam Council of Australia and denying the use of hijab in public. Family, polygamy and the murder of apostates.

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He advocated restricting the construction of mosques, calling for the ban on Islamic texts, especially Sahih al-Bukhari, that they were used as ideological supporters of terror.

Supporting the exile of radical Islamic leaders. From Australia and supports banning temporary travel for Muslims from the Middle East to Australia

Tawhidi claims to be Halal certified to threaten the Australian way of life and is one of the most vocal supporters in closing the Islamic schools completely or severely reforming them for security reasons. After commenting, Tawhidi claimed that he was “Taken to hide by the police” for fear of revenge from the Muslim community

However, a police spokesman told Australia that “There are no incidents related to the removal of people from mosques or nearby places.”

Political perspective

During August 2019, when India withdrew the special status of Jammu and Kashmir, he said that Kashmir is a Hindu land occupied by India and it is argued that both Pakistan and Kashmir belong to India.

Sectarianism radical islam

Zuhdi Jasser, author of the op-ed for Asia Online Times, said Tawhidi only criticized Sunni Islamists and never Islamists within their own communities such as the Iranian regime; In essence, he is not a reformer. But is a radical Shi’a

Chloe Patton, on the part of ABC, called Tawhidi in the name “Shia extremist” and accused him of waging a “The War Party for Greater Australian Sunni Resistance”

Patton talks about Tawhidi’s comments to Andrew Bolt saying that Sahih Al Bukhari should ban sacred Sunni messages.

Paul Watch, the presenter of Media Watch, mentioned the Sunni textbook called Sunni Textbook. “The Teachings of the Monkey” and Explains that Sunnis as “Followers of the Caliph Alcohol Rape”

His Islamic credentials

Tawhidi’s claim that sheikhs were ordained was denied. The Australian National Imam Council in Sunni (ANIC) does not accept Tawhidi as the leader of the Arab or Muslim imam.

His Far right views

Tawhidi was accused of being an ally of Australia’s right-wing groups, including the Australian Liberty Alliance and One Nation. Tawhidi had defended one country leader, Pauline Hanson, and supported his stance.


Imam of peace attack Nigerian president buhari on twitter war – becomes Nigerian hero


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