‘I’ll Only Drink Half The Bottle’ – Conor McGregor Entertains On Conan O’Brien Appearance


Conor McGregor made his standard pre-fight look on Conan O’Brien’s TBS communicate display on Wednesday night time. O’Brien is an investor within the promotion, therefore the UFC’s primary draw’s common appearances.

The Dubliner this weekend faces Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 229 in Las Vegas for the light-weight belt.

Asked about the only-time friendliness between him and Nurmagomedov, McGregor brushed it apart.

“There are no friends in this business. I had a fan, originally. The man was a fan and things change. I don’t have friends in this business.”

McGregor believes the 30-year-old Dagestani fears him.

I noticed what I’ve observed repeatedly when I’ve checked out that man, his eyeballs grew to become to glass. The blood rushes from his body and sprints out of his arse. That’s what I noticed – any other man iced over.

I consider he has many weaknesses in his game. In the Dagestan area, they specialize in wrestling. The child wrestled bears when he used to be a child, it is a part of their tradition. I’m under no phantasm, he’s a talented wrestler. Of route, in the entire image, there are lots of extra aspects to fighting, much more than one unmarried self-discipline.

I’ve many guns to dismantle all types of opponent and that is just any other taste of opponent. I consider he is gradual, he is flat-footed. His placing could be very moderate and I can glance to show that.

He can have wrestled Dagestani bears however he hasn’t ever wrestled an Irish gorilla.

McGregor additionally took the chance to advertise his new whiskey emblem, having a sip of what would possibly or won’t had been alcohol.

He additionally advised O’Brien the Irish for whiskey. Though, he didn’t get the direct translation proper. Uisce beatha way ‘water of existence.’

“I’m two days clear of the largest fight of my existence, so I’ll most effective drink part the bottle.

“We name it uisce beatha in Ireland, uisce beatha way holy water. This is Irish holy water for you, Proper No. Twelve.

Conor McGregor interview on Conan O’Brien previous to UFC 229

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