Hundreds of Recovered COVID-19 Patients Donate Blood Plasma

Hundreds of Recovered COVID-19 Patients Donate Blood Plasma

Recovered Covid-19 Patients : In Tamil Nadu, Hundreds of Recovered COVID-19 Patients Donate Blood Plasma for the treatment of the deadly coronavirus.

The state government is awaiting the Centre’s goal to collect plasma, over 450 Tablighi Jamaat volunteers have already signed up for a donation.

Hundreds of Tablighi Jamaat volunteers who have recovered from Coronavirus are now queuing in different parts of India to donate plasma for other critically ill patients undergoing treatment. Many volunteers have already donated blood for plasma in Delhi, Gujarat, Haryana, and other states.

In addition, many have registered / committed to donate in the provinces where central government has not yet consented to collect plasma.

Over 200 volunteers have pledged to donate plasma in Delhi and the number is likely to increase. Initially, 10 people donated plasma on Sunday and there would be more on Monday, when people would come forward after breaking the Ramadan fast at dusk, said Dr Mohmmad Shoaib Ali, who is coordinating the plasma collection campaign on regards the Delhi health ministry.

A doctor who has recovered from COVID-19 holds up a bag of his own donated plasma.

A doctor who has recovered from COVID-19 holds up a bag of his own donated plasma.

This comes a day after Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal appealed to all Covid-19 patients to donate plasma for the treatment of severely ill patients. “Come on and donate plasma. We all want to recover and survive the coronary virus crisis. If tomorrow, a patient is Hindu and serious, who knows maybe a plasma of a Muslim person can save him or if a Muslim patient is serious, maybe a plasma of a Hindu person can save him, ”Kejriwal said on Sunday.

The head of Tablighi Jamaat, Maulana Muhammad Saad, also appealed to all his Covid-restored volunteers to donate plasma in large numbers.

Recovered covid-19 Patients:

In Tamil Nadu, where the state government is awaiting the Centre’s goal to collect plasma, over 450 Tablighi Jamaat volunteers have already signed up for a donation. “We have formed a ‘Plasma Tarteeb Jamaat’ (Plasma Coordination Group) in Tamil Nadu and to date, around 450 Tablighi Jamaat volunteers have registered themselves. This number could increase when the state government receives central government approval to collect plasma.

This number could have been higher if people had not been fasting because in Ramadan a person cannot contribute while fasting; but it can do so after a break in the twilight, ”Moulana Shamsudeen Qasimi of Chennai, Executive Member of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board who oversees the plasma coordination group, told Outlook.

In Delhi, the exercise started on Sunday. “We started taking blood from those Tablighi Jamaat volunteers who are in quarantine centers in Delhi. There is one quarantine center in Sultanpuri and two machines installed in Narela.

On Sunday, it took some time to set up the machines and so on, and 10 people donated plasma. And today we will start the process again after Iftar (break fast). We are currently taking patients who are under 50, and only those who can donate plasma who do not have diabetes and hypertension, ”Dr Ali told Outlook.

For a donor to be eligible to donate plasma, they should have been symptom free and tested negative for the virus at least 14 days before plasma can be used. The blood in patients recovered by Covid develops immunity to fight this illness, and the plasma is extracted from their blood. About 100ml of plasma is taken from the blood and the process takes about 40 minutes.

Patients Donate Blood Plasma

Patient Donate Blood Plasma

Dr Ali said when four Covid-19 patients at Max Hospital in Saket, Delhi, were treated with blood plasma, “sudden changes” were noticed and their recovery was faster, and they were removed from the ventilator. “But, at the moment, no one can say whether this is a sure treatment.

Recovered COVID-19 Patients :

A study on only 4 patients is not enough for anything. But since seeing four positive responses from all four patients, this plasma therapy is under development. Still, this is a trial and that’s also the initial stage, ”he told

Dr Ali also said that 3- teams – one each from Max Hospital, Apollo Hospital, and the Institute of Liver and Bustular Sciences (ILBS) – were involved in taking plasma from patients recovered by Covid.

“We have formed a group of people committed to donating at the quarantine center in Sector 16 of Dwarka, as per the appeal of Maulana Saad saheb.

There are about 190 Tamil Nadu Tablighi Jamaat volunteers in Delhi and all are committed to donating blood plasma, ”said Dr Mohammad Shafiullah, who attended the program at Markaz Nizamuddin last month and tested negative. He is now coordinating the Jamaat volunteer plasma donation.

‘First’ plasma donor in Delhi, Tabrez Khan of Jahangirpuri, is so happy that he is now ready to donate plasma for the second time on April 30. Khan’s sister, who also tested positive, had come from Saudi Arabia, and he and their mother were infected. After testing negative, Khan was released and later his sister also recovered.


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