How Will Future Children Be Affected by The Corona Virus?

The global corona virus pandemic has put everyone in an uncertain situation and has left us wondering about what the future is going to look like. Although life has started to resume since there is a fall in graph positive corona viruses cases yet there hasn’t been found a sound solution of how to reopen the schools while keeping the safety of kids intact.

Mortality is only one traumatic outcome of the corona virus crises, the proliferation of other terrible results of it are yet to be faced.

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People, no matter what age group, have been going through mental health issues due to the prevailing situation. We cannot deny the fact that the younger lot is the one that is going to be affected the most. Children being sensitive bear various levels of mental capacities, for instance, children suffering from ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, a mental health disorder that can cause hyperactive and impulsive behaviors), maybe taking add treatmenthave an unusual level of patience.

On the contrary, children suffering from depression may not even react to unusual circumstances and can result in more severe health results. It will directly or indirectly affect their future as well. Here is what the future can look like for children:

Drop in the Passing Rate

It’s been almost 5 months since schools have been closed due to the coronavirus. For those above level 7, its easy for students to cope up with the online classes but what about the primary level students? The first few years of education are crucial for building a strong foundation.

These are the years where they learn about the basics of studies and their future is somehow determined by the fact that how strong their primary level learning is. Being away from schools for so long is likely to make them forget that what they have been taught until now. This time period is bringing a gap in their learning life that would be hard to be filled. They will lack the general knowledge of this world if schools are not going to open any time soon.

Mental Health Issues

Being locked down in our houses is overwhelming for all of us no matter what the age group. Not being able to do what we used to enjoy in our rest time is really stressful. Likewise, going out in parks for playtime or going out for food with family is something that makes children happy and healthy.

Some fun time with family and friends helps them to be able to socialize, meet new people, and experience visiting a different kind of places which enhance their soft skills. However, when none of this can be done and children are forced to stay indoors, their mental health is surely going to be affected. Kids around age 2-3 who haven’t gotten a chance to socialize yet will become anti-social and will lack self-confidence.

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Moreover, staying at home among their siblings and family will make them intolerant towards other children. There is a great chance that they might develop some aggressive behavior when they will get to meet the other children either at schools, parks, or play areas. There is a great risk that this anti-social behavior can take a toll on their physical health too and can result in low self-esteem.

Widening Gaps Between Social Strata of the Society

Although there the technological development has made it easy for parents to homeschool their kids and can enable them to get online tuitions, what about those kids who belong to lower strata of the society? Since the coronavirus outbreak has brought along some major economic crisis and the rate of unemployment is increasing as fast as the positive coronavirus cases, children belonging to the middle-lower class are going to suffer the most.

The children lack access to the internet and gadgets that can help to fill the gap in their learning process. Richer kids can use this time to improve in their students while poor ones are going to lag behind. Therefore, being able to access the learning resources will open the richer kids to better opportunities further while the poor kids are going to bear the brunt of this social stratification.

One of the most alarming outcomes of the coronavirus crisis is the widening gap between the social statuses which is going to affect the kids drastically in the near future.

To Sum it Up!

These three major issues are surely going to become very common in the near future when the pandemic gets under control and the normal life resumes back. Although the gap this time period has brought in the learning process of the kids is difficult to be fulfilled, yet if parents and teachers can put some extra hard work with patience and compassion, things can surely get better, as there is always a silver lining, no matter how dark the clouds are!


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