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Hi everyone, if you’ve never heard of me before, I’m a programmer with 10 years of learning and coding experience now, my name is Besso and I work as a freelancer while I have other passive sources of income I’m i built over the years. .

I’ve heard of DigitalOcean, AWS EC2 and Microsoft Azure many times on Youtube or in various tutorials, but never considered using those for my (relatively) small projects unless I needed to significantly, well, until recently.

I was recently building a very interesting project that required bespoke server-like functionality – full control over the settings as my shared host’s default settings are incompatible. Before trying to upgrade to VPS from my current shared hosting plan, I decided to look for alternatives for comparison, but basically, all VPS providers have very flexible, high-end prices, cloud versions generally cost up even more and I had a very painful server building plan (uncontrolled VPS) from scratch for one of my clients.

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Even if you’re familiar with Linux, I think it’s very difficult to set up a Linux server from scratch – order a vendor-level DNS path other than the vendor company, install phpMyAdmin, PHP, MySQL, email server, email routing, VPS level virtual domains.

The thing is that it’s really important to have basic step-by-step tutorials, as programmers, we’re not server administrators, we don’t have time to learn the documentation of every service that should run on the server for it to properly support our software, maybe you much smarter than me, and this can all be a piece of cake for you, I don’t know, I know I’m not good with everything, I’m not good with most things in in fact, so after much trial and error, I discovered that iRedMail is an excellent and free all-in-one package for setting up the server on a clean / fresh Linux server VPS.

Get free $100 for VPS web hosting from Digital Ocean

Free $100 VPS web hosting Credit from Digital Ocean

You don’t even need to configure much if you’re going to run normal day-to-day things, web applications, email, MySQL, phpMyAdmin and the like.

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Since when I did research, i discovered that they add a 100% markup on any service … really?
I also did the price comparison for similar offers from Amazon, DigitalOcean, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and DigitalOcean well ahead of all in terms of pricing so I bought a $ 5 package there and created the Ubuntu 16.04 Server drip.

One of the disadvantages of cloud platforms is that they are more expensive than traditional shared web hosts, although I found that DigitalOcean pricing not only beat the competition, but had almost the same amount of resources (CPU, Storage, Bandwidth) 2 times more expensive with my current shared hosting provider. I was almost in love.

Then I had to set up all the LAMP stuff – Ubuntu Linux 16.04 server OS server + Apache HTTP + MySQL and PHP, well, let’s not forget the email, DNS and SSL certificates. Standard setup is not that difficult, the trick is to make sure everything wakes up seamlessly with the specific environment and when it comes to the documentation, DigitalOcean is amazing with its huge amount of step articles at a stage of the highest quality I can imagine, that just works as they are supposed to.

What’s even more amazing is that the same tutorials have different versions for Ubuntu Server 18, 16, 14 and other operating systems.

If I had an article like this one, it would have saved me a lot of time researching different offers, hopefully it will do for you, in addition, if you sign up now with this link, you get $ 100 in credit over 60 days. .
Enjoy! and thanks for reading!


I can also help with installation if you need my services for a small token.


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