laptops, gadgets for airports security

Soon, you won’t need to show laptops, gadgets for airports security

What is Airports Security?

Airport security refers to the techniques and methods used to attempt to protect passengers, employees, airplanes and airport property from accidental / malicious damage, crime, terrorism and other threats.

Aviation security is a combination of human and material resources to protect civil aviation from illegal interference. Illegal interference can include acts of terrorism, sabotage, threats to life and property, false threats, bombing, etc.

Many people pass airports every day. This represents potential targets for terrorism and other forms of crime, since there are many people in one place.

Airport baggage handling

Airport baggage handling

Similarly, the high concentration of people in large commercial aircraft increases the potentially high death rate from aircraft attacks, and the ability to use a hijacked aircraft as a lethal weapon can be a tempting target for terrorism (e.g., during the attacks on September 11).

Passport control at Dubai Airport

Airport security tries to prevent threats or potentially dangerous situations from occurring or entering the country. If airport security is successful, the likelihood of a dangerous situation, illegal items, or threats entering a plane, country, or airport is greatly reduced. In this respect, airport security serves several purposes: protecting the airport and the country from threatening events, ensuring the safety of travelers and protecting the country and its people.

Monte R. Belger of the US Aviation Administration said: “The goal of aviation security is to prevent damage to aircraft, passengers and crew, and to support national security and counterterrorism policies.

Enforcement agency of the airport

TSA passenger screening

While some countries may have an agency that protects all of their airports (e.g. Australia, where the Australian federal police oversee the airport), protection in other countries is controlled at the state or local level. Primary personnel vary and can include:

A police force hired and dedicated to the airport, e.g. the Irish airport police service
A branch (substation) of the local police department, which is based at the airport
Local police officers assigned to the airport as a normal patrol area
Members of a country’s airport protection service
Police dog services for explosion detection, drug detection and other purposes
Other resources can include:

  • Security forces
  • Paramilitary forces
  • Armed forces

Airports Security : Soon, you won’t have to take out laptops, gadgets for security check at airports

Soon, flyers from Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad will have one less task to complete before taking flight.

Airports in these three cities will soon start testing a new scanning technology that will save passengers from the hassle of taking out laptops and electronic gadgets for screening before boarding an aircraft.

Soon, you won't need to show laptops, gadgets for airports security check

Airports security check

airports security check :  According to a TOI report, the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) has given its approval to start 3D-based computed tomography (CT) scanner at Mumbai, Delhi and Hyderaba ..

Since last year, the CISF has also initiated a project to do away with cabin baggage tags for passengers at 49 civil airports out of the 60 that the para force secures.

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