Fred The Godson Shocking Biography, Music, Died Of Coronavirus At 35

Fred The Godson Shocking Biography, Music, Died Of Coronavirus At 35


Who is Fred The Godson?

Fred The Godson is a Rapper who gained fame from his XXL Freshman cover with artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Mac Miller and Meek Mill. He has been featured in magazines like Juice and XXL.


Fred eventually enrolled at Monroe High School, but was touched by the temptations that led him away from his studies and the streets. The combined pressure of his peer and home life prevented him from graduating. Fred reached a low in his life. In addition to his scholastic disappointments, Fred suffered from kidney disease, asthma and diabetes. Obviously, a number of factors led Fred’s life to be more difficult than that of many adolescents his age, but he persevered.

He left Monroe High School in the eleventh grade and started freestyle in the late 90’s.

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Fred The Godson Trivia

He won the best male rapper at the 2007 Underground Music Awards.

Family life

He was born Fredrick Thomas in the South Bronx. He fell in love with music at the age of eight.

Fred The Godson Wife

He was married to makeup artist LeeAnn Jemmott. On April 10, Thomas’s partner, makeup artist LeeAnn Jemmott, told that the rapper “is going to get it right.” Thomas and Jemmott have two children together.

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Fred The Godson is Associated with

He has spun radio recordings with the likes of Diddy, Meek Mill and Pusha T.

Fred The Godson Net Worth

His income and Net Worth is Estimated to USD 4 Million as of the year 2020.


New York Rapper Fred The Godson had Died Of Coronavirus At 35

Another star was taken-out cold by the deadly novel coronavirus because rapper Fred the Godson died of coronavirus at the age of 35.

Two weeks ago, real-life entertainment star Frederick Thomas was rushed to a New York hospital after contracting the virus.

On April 6, he shares what would have been his last photo. He was tied to a fan in a hospital bed. On April 7, in what would be his final Instagram post, on April 7, he asked fans to keep him in their prayers.

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Bronx rapper LeeAnn Jemmott told News 12 on April 8 that a doctor said he was not doing well.

… “It was just like – he’s gone and he’ll die, that’s it. I don’t even know how I felt, I just felt like I was going to die,” she said.

However, she added that he had made a positive progress while in hospital, and the ventilator supported him 70 percent rather than 100 percent.

His wife still has to break her silence over the death of her husband.

His longtime collaborator Jaquae brought the news on Instagram as he shared his grief after the death of his friend.

He wrote:

“Sleep in peace, my brother … you will never be forgotten. I have so many things to say, but I’m lost now. ‘

His friend Fat Joe also paid tribute to his rapper pal with a message. He wrote:

“My brother, ooooh how sad I am, I prayed and prayed all night and prayed for you.

“So many dreams, so many conversations, so many wonderful times we had. I am in shock, to say the least that I love your little brother so many years ago I felt this pain.

I always wanted the best for you; I played all my important songs for you to get your feedback. I respect you so much as an artist.

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“Why the good die young, I was so proud of your little brother. Maybe the world will pay attention to your greatness now, you have always been my favorite. ”

A representative also confirmed the news of his death to The rapper had two children.

Fred the Godson was a prominent New York rapper for more than a decade. He previously collaborated with artists such as Diddy, Meek Mill and Pusha T. He dropped both a solo project and a collaboration with Jay Pharoah this year.


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