Facebook start to warn people who 'share' fake coronavirus news

Facebook start to warn people who ‘share’ fake coronavirus news

Facebook  fake coronavirus news:

Facebook to start informing people who ‘share’ or respond to bogus coronavirus news Facebook revealed Thursday it would start informing users whether they have read, responded or posted on malicious Covid-19 articles that the Facebook has considers to be misleading and will be deleted.

Facebook said in a blog post that the function would roll out in the coming weeks.

“Such tweets will bind users to COVID-19 misconceptions that the World Health Organization has debunked, even those that we have excluded from our site to contribute to immediate physical damage,” Guy Rosen, Facebook’s honesty vice president, said in a blog post.

Facebook fake coronavirus news

Facebook fake coronavirus news

Facebook started deleting disinformation regarding the epidemic from its websites after the WHO announced Covid-19 a global health emergency in January. The organization said Thursday that hundreds of thousands of pieces of disinformation have been deleted that may result in physical damage, such as misleading material that suggests physical distancing is unsuccessful or consuming bleach cures the virus.

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“We want citizens who might have associated with misleading news regarding the virus to be linked to the facts from credible outlets in case they see or hear such statements off Facebook again,” Rosen said.

In recent months, Facebook, which has been blamed for addressing safety problems, has introduced many coronavirus-related changes to its website.

For starters, to reduce the dissemination of misleading statements, it’s expanded the amount of collaborators collaborating on fact-checking. It has began displaying pop-ups connecting to official health services on Instagram and Facebook, which now guided more than 2 billion users to health authorities’ websites.


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