Elias Says Comparisons To The Rock Get Him “Fired Up”


WWE hasn’t ever shied clear of merging wrestling with tune on the subject of Superstars’ gimmicks. The 1980s introduced us The Honky Tonk Man and the 1990s gave us Jeff Jarrett. Elias is the most recent in that mildew however he brushed aside comparisons to these making a song Superstars that got here before him.

“Not at all,” Elias mentioned to CBS Sports when requested if Honky Tonk Man or Jarrett have been in his stratosphere. “They’ve were given an ideal wrestling background, however in the case of wrestling and leisure there may be not anything find it irresistible.

“For the document, Jeff Jarret can’t play guitar. Honky Tonk Man can’t play guitar. Elias? Guitar, piano, harmonica, drums, you identify it. I will do anything else. I even wrote a music on my album called “Nothing I Can’t Do” that just lists off a number of items I will do.

“When I hear the comparisons, I get it because they carried a guitar around, but when you look at us individually there’s just no comparison.”

Perhaps the interviewer set the bar too low by means of citing the ones wrestlers, so he then requested Elias about comparisons to The Rock.

“That’s another thing and I hear [comparisons to] The Rock… That’s a subject that gets me fired up,” Elias mentioned. “He came out, he played guitar. First off, he did cover songs, I’m doing originals. That’s one little thing. He did these concerts, “Rock Concerts,” possibly 5, six instances all over his occupation. I’m functioning on a nightly foundation for WWE. I’m doing it in entrance of tens of hundreds of other folks on the reside occasions then hundreds of thousands on Monday Night Raw.

“The Rock cannot do what I do,” said Elias. “The Rock had a lot of catchphrases however my performances are on a unique degree. If The Rock ever desires to return and stroll with Elias, he is aware of precisely the place to search out me. It’s my display on Monday Night Raw. Rock, I do know he is a hectic man, however I’m a hectic man too and I might find time for The Rock if he presentations up.”

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