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Drake’s ex girlfriend share picture of their child, adonis Graham

Drake’s ex girfriend and son Sophie Brussaux’s mother added more photos of their child, Adonis Graham, to their Instagram timeline.

Fans of “Life Is Good” rapper rejoiced after sharing a picture of their 2-year-old child with the world on Monday, March 30. In several photos, Drake showed the adorable features of Adonis, including blonde heads and pale blue eyes.

These photos were praised by millions of Drake followers, including celebrities such as Ne-Yo, La La Anthony and Draya Michele.


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🇫🇷 « Vivons heureux, vivons cachés » …mais un peu d’amour dans ce monde de brutes, ça fait du bien. Je remercie Dieu tous les jours pour ma merveilleuse famille et mes amis, qui sont aussi ma famille même sans partager le même sang, et je vous souhaite à tous autant de bonheur et d’amour, de garder vos proches dans votre cœur en cette période difficile, qui aura une fin, on en ressortira tous plus forts. 🇬🇧 Thanking God everyday for blessing me with such a beautiful family and amazing friends. I wish that much on everyone, keep safe and positive, sending a lot of positive vibes to the world 🙏. PS : all this time you thought @champagnepapi was dark-haired…but Adonis’s parents are really blonde 😱😂

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A few hours after Drake shared a picture of his son, Bruceau decided to upload his picture to a baby boy. In one picture, she is holding Adonis while the two of them are smiling and not looking at the camera. In several other photos, 304,000 Instagram followers at Brussaux were able to see the boy’s hair grow over the years and his bright smile. She also added a few photos of her, Drake and Adonis together. Instantly, all three smiled at the camera, Brussaux wearing a leopard dress and high heels, and Drake was all black.

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In addition to Adonis’ precious photos, Bruceau also left a moving message for fans. She first left a message in French and then shared the title of the English subtitles below, where she thanked God for her family and hoped to have a positive impact on the world.

The artist also used Instagram posts to tease her son’s blond curly hair. According to Hollywood Life, several Drake fans noted that Adonis looked almost the same as Drake’s mother, Sandy Graham. Brussaux joked that the appearance of Adonis came from his parents. The former model then did a photoshop of her, Drake and Adonis photos. In the edited photos, both Drake and Brussaux seem to have bleached blonde locks.

Drake's ex girlfriend share picture of their child, adonis Graham

The rapper has kept his son secret since the child was born. However, he was summoned by rapper Pusha T in 2018. In his single to Disney, Pusha, titled “The Story of Adidon,” claimed that the former Degrassi star had a secret child. Drake responded to rumors from his album Scorpion and confirmed that he did have a son with Bruceau.

After his own post (with pictures of his parents Sandi and Dennis), Drake shared how he currently misses his son. The two haven’t seen each other in recent weeks, probably due to travel restrictions set to limit the spread of a coronavirus pandemic. Brussaux and Adonis reportedly to live in Paris.


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