Donald Trump Sends Americans First Nationwide Presidential Alert Text


President Trump

Sends 1st National Text Alert …

A Serious Message For Once

10/3/2018 11:21 AM PDT

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Imagine President Trump sliding into your DMs — ok, now take a deep breath as a result of it is not THAT unhealthy, however perhaps you DID just get a textual content from him … and a lifeless critical one at that. 

If you have not appeared down at your telephone not too long ago … FEMA despatched out the first national presidential alert textual content on behalf of POTUS Wednesday at 2:18 PM ET. It used to be just a check, and the actual factor would best be used all the way through a countrywide disaster when it will be essential to instantly touch all voters.

We had our cameras set on Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame celebrity and at Time’s Square — and the instant the message hit used to be beautiful glaring — take a look at everybody who pulled out their telephones.

Interestingly, the textual content is impartial and accommodates 0 messaging at once from Trump —  “THIS IS A TEST of the National Wireless Emergency Alert System. No action is needed.” FEMA says the Prez offers the go-ahead to ship the textual content, whilst FEMA drafts and sends the true message.

If you are questioning … the gadget does not permit 45 to get up within the morning and make a decision on a whim to ship a blast message to all Americans. Still gotta see Twitter for that. 

As they are saying … this used to be just a check. If it were a real textual content from Trump, it almost certainly would had been far more offensive.

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