Day 3 of Fat Bear Week features a showdown between two former champs


Bear 435 vs Bear 854 is the second one large fit of the day.

Image: bob al-greene/mashable

Welcome to Fat Bear Week at Mashable! Each fall, Katmai National Park holds a festival as Alaska’s brown bears end fattening up for his or her lengthy wintry weather hibernation. This year, Mashable is going in at the salmon-munching action. Check again with us all week as we apply the fats undergo face-offs on a daily basis, and keep in mind to get your votes in for each and every round. Happy fishing! 

Just 8 fats bears remain. The Fat Bear Week quarterfinals have arrived. 

Thursday’s matchups noticed the obese cubbies fall to Bear 719 and Chunk beat out Bear 812, and Friday’s heat-to-heads glance specifically aggressive.

The first features a matchup between closing year’s champion, Bear 480 “Otis,” and the impressively filled-out Bear 409 “Beadnose” — additionally a former champion. Voting opened at the Katmai Facebook web page at 10 a.m. ET.

Next up is a quarterfinal showdown between two well known Brooks River momma bears — each and every with a dramatic historical past. Voting opens up at four p.m. ET. Voting for each rounds shut at 10 p.m. ET.

In order to vote for the undergo that you simply suppose has fattened up probably the most over the direction of the season, just click on into the photograph of your fave and hit the “Like” button.

The spectacular weight achieve of the first contenders, Otis and 409, can also be observed underneath. No subject without equal victor, each are exceptionally well-endowed for the lengthy wintry weather famine. 

Bear 409

Bear 409

Bear 409

Bear 409

Skinny Otis.

Fat Otis.

The 2d fit of the day, which begins at four p.m. ET, features Bear 435 “Holly,” who is understood to get somewhat obese, with rolls of fats lining her limbs and body. She does, alternatively, have two cubs in tow, that means she’s needed to percentage calorie-rich foods and sacrifice some girth. 

Holly is understood to be a succesful and trustworthy mom. Four years in the past, she followed an deserted cub, and handled the little undergo — now referred to as Bear 503 — like her organic offspring. 

Fat Bear Week bracket.

Image: Bob Al-Greene/Dustin Drankoski/mashable

Holly’s competitor, Bear 854 “Divot” additionally has a wealthy historical past. In 2015, she arrived on the Brooks River — home to the are living webcams — with a cub in tow. But one thing used to be amiss. 

Upon nearer inspection, rangers discovered she had a cord lure tightly wrapped round her neck.

Skinny Divot

Skinny Divot

Fat Divot

Fat Divot

Katmai rangers initiated an bold operation to take away the snare, which required tranquilizing Divot. 

After taking out the cord, rangers discovered it had sliced an inch deep into her neck. They lathered the grotesque wound with antibiotic ointment, and Divot survived. 

Still nowadays, a telltale ring can also be observed round her neck.

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