Daniel Cormier Says Final Fight will Be Jon Jones at 205 Pounds


Daniel Cormier

Final Fight will Be Jon Jones

… at 205 Pounds

10/3/2018 3:02 PM PDT


Talk about going out with a bang … Daniel Cormier tells TMZ Sports his fight plan is to complete his UFC occupation with one final mega-brawl with Jon Jones!!!

The reigning champ champ (he is were given each the heavyweight and lightweight heavyweight name) has already set a ticking clock on his UFC occupation — promising to retire for excellent on his 40th birthday, kind of 6 months from now. 

First, Cormier says he desires Brock Lesnar within the heavyweight department … adopted by means of a gentle heavyweight fight with Jon Jones. 

Dana White just lately advised us he would like to peer Jones vs. Cormier III at heavyweight … however D.C. says he ain’t on board with that. He desires the fight at gentle heavyweight (205 kilos).

“I want to fight Jones at 205, because that’s where he beat me,” Cormier mentioned … “He beat me at 205, I want to beat him where he beat me.”

In the interim, D.C. says he will perhaps relinquish his gentle heavyweight name whilst he fights Brock at heavyweight … clearing the best way for Jones to fight Alexander Gustafsson for the LHW name. 

After that, it is on … one final fight for the ages. 

Cormier and Jones hate each and every different’s guts — and D.C. explains why he will at all times believe Jones a cheater and a snitch for so long as he lives. 

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