Dana White Emphatically Shits On Idea Of New Divisions In The UFC



As the momentum against UFC 229 gathers tempo BT Sport have launched an interview with UFC boss Dana White, by which the 49-year-old discusses the approaching McGregor Vs Khabib bout, Nate Diaz and Dustin Poirier’s upcoming fight and his position within the corporate.

Another subject lined within the piece have been the calls from UFC warring parties, Conor McGregor incorporated, for the UFC to introduce a brand new 165 pound department to fight the burden lower problems that experience plagued the game in recent times.

White alternatively, used to be now not enamoured with the advice, emphatically shutting down the speculation, in addition to giving his reason why as to why it isn’t possible:

It’s a crock of shit. The entire 165 factor is bullshit. It’s one thing that they have mentioned, it is not anything we now have mentioned. It’s now not gonna occur. It will utterly break the 170 pound department and it’s going to utterly break the 155 pound department.

And what I do not wish to have occur is, guys who can not win the identify at 170 or 155 just leap into 165 so they are able to attempt to win a identify there.


Pretty conclusive from White there, and despite the fact that he does make a salient level about warring parties leaping out and in of divisions he additionally does now not proffer any resolution for the corporate’s common issues of warring parties now not making weight.

Predictably a lot of the opposite dialog surrounded UFC 229 and Conor McGregor, with White rejecting the perception that the Dubliner will get beneficial remedy within the UFC, and in addition explaining why the 30-year-old is so in style:

Everybody talks smack that I kiss Conor’s ass and all this different stuff and Conor would utterly disagree with that I feel, however Conor McGregor is the very best instance… why do you assume he is such a giant celebrity?

You assume he is such a giant celebrity as a result of he is humorous? Yeah that is a part of it. You assume he is such a giant celebrity as a result of he speaks so neatly? Absolutely a part of it. And you just stay happening the road of these kind of issues that make him a celebrity, however primary first and principal the rationale he’s a global celebrity and other folks love this man is as a result of he is an actual fighter.

I’m the fellow that makes the telephone calls and here is other folks going ‘yeah I’m now not going to take that fight and I’m now not going to do that and I’m now not going to do this’… Never has Conor McGregor stated no.

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