COVID19 – Governor Yahaya Bello closes borders, schools

Yahaya Bello, the Kogi Governor  has ordered the state’s land and waterways to be closed and issued guidelines to residents to prevent the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

The governor, Yahaya Bello has issued the order in a statement signed on Wednesday.
Kingsley Fanwo, Information and Communications Specialist. He also instructed public and private schools to be temporarily closed.

“All entry points (land and waterways) into Kogi State are now closed. All vehicles entering and transiting must undergo a health check on all passengers.

“To avoid avoidable delays, this may be extended to preventive isolation. People with any disease that mimics the symptoms of CORVID-19, including high temperature, should obtain a medical report from a well-known hospital / doctor and do it before entering the state. Explain his condition.

The statement reads as follows: “Since Monday, March 23, 2020, the state’s directive to close all public and private educational institutions has remained in effect until further notice.”

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The governor, Yahaya Bello also instructed civil servants to progress to grades 1-13, stay at home and work from home.

This excludes designated basic services-medical staff, tax officers and law enforcement.

In his statement, Belo also ordered the suspension of all social, cultural and religious activities in the state, and basic activities must not have a population of five or more.

“A trike (keke) operator can only carry one (1) passenger at a time and must provide hand sanitizers for use by the passengers. Officials have the right to stop and enforce compliance. Violators will be arrested.

“A conventional four-wheeled taxi can only carry three (3) passengers at a time (1 in the front and 2 in the rear) and must provide hand sanitizers for use by the passengers. Officials have the right to stop and enforce compliance. Offenders Will be arrested.

“Bus buses can only carry two (2) passengers per row, and any type of bus can accommodate up to 10 passengers per trip. Relevant officials have the right to stop and enforce compliance. Offenders will be arrested.

The governor, Yahaya Bello also stated that all public gatherings must not exceed five people at a time and that all transportation companies and unions must retain travel permits for inbound and outbound passengers,

He warned that in violation of these guidelines during this trial period, the unreasonable rise in the price of any necessities and the dissemination or distribution of false news or hate speech will be considered vandalism and punished accordingly.


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