Coronavirus Update : Queen Elizabeth Tested Positive, Palace Confirms

Coronavirus Update : Queen Elizabeth Tested Positive, Palace Confirms

Queen Elizabeth Tested Positive news of a positive COVID-19 test is not surprising, as she said she could be exposed to the virus during a weekly meeting with Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The royal palace confirmed a positive test for Queen Elizabeth’s coronavirus.

Buckingham Palace revealed that the monarch met Mr. Johnson on March 11.

The last time Prince of Wales met the Queen was on March 12, and he was still working at his desk in Birkhall, Scotland, because he had only mild symptoms.

The Queen left Buckingham Palace on March 19, and after she recovered from the virus, she intended to spend the next few weeks in isolation with Prince Philip at Windsor Castle.

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Gong added that although she has shown mild symptoms of the new coronavirus, her health has remained stable.

The palace said in a brief statement: “HMQ has also tested positive and is currently in self-isolation at Windsor Castle. The Queen contacted the Prime Minister on March 11 and is taking all appropriate advice on its benefits.”

“We will be in good shape with the public and constantly share the Queen’s welfare updates. That’s all for now.”

Announced on Wednesday that the heir to the throne, Prince Charles, tested positive for coronavirus after showing mild symptoms. His office said he was self-isolating at a royal estate in Scotland.

Chinese government investigating Coronavirus test kit maker for spain

A Chinese government regulator said on Friday that it had launched an investigation into the manufacturer of the Covid-19 test kit, which provided the test suite to Spain and was recalled.

The Spanish government said on Thursday it would recall 9,000 tools after finding the results “unreliable”.

The Spanish government said in a statement to CNN that the tests conducted by the Chinese company “Shenzhen Bioeasy Biotech” were purchased “a few weeks ago” through a Spanish supplier imported from China. When equipment was tested by Spanish authorities before being put into use, they did not meet quality standards.

EU warns offenders to use coronavirus crisis

EU law enforcement agency Europol said in a new report on Friday that criminals are taking advantage of the global coronavirus crisis and that as the pandemic intensifies, criminal activity is expected to increase.

Europol said the number of cyber attacks on organizations and individuals was “very large and expected to increase.” A cyber attack on the University Hospital of Brno in the Czech Republic forced the hospital to shut down its entire IT network, delayed emergency surgery, and Transfer new acute patients to a nearby hospital.

Coronavirus Update : United States cases top over 100,000

The agency expects a large number of new or adapted fraud plans, such as phone plans, supply fraud and decontamination fraud, in the coming weeks.

Since the outbreak, sales of counterfeit health and hygiene products, as well as personal protective equipment and counterfeit medicines, have also increased in “manifolds”. Between March 3 and 10 alone, authorities seized more than 34,000 fake surgical masks.

Europol says organized thefts are also increasing. Several EU member states have reported cases where perpetrators entered private homes by impersonating medical staff who provided information materials or health products or by performing a “corona test.”


The deadliest day in Spain due to a surge of coronavirus cases: real-time updates

The Spanish Ministry of Health has announced 838 new coronavirus deaths, the year with the highest daily deaths in the country, with a total of 6,528.

Elsewhere, US President Donald Trump has given up quarantine in the New York area and has instead directed the area to issue “strong travel advice” to limit the spread of the new coronavirus.

The United States is now the country with the highest number of coronavirus infections, with more than 122,000 confirmed cases recorded on Saturday. The country’s death toll has soared to more than 2,000, more than double the rate two days ago.

Worldwide, the number of cases has exceeded 660,000. About 139,000 people recovered and more than 30,000 died.

-Pope Francis supports UN President’s call for global ceasefire

Pope Francis supports UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres’ call for a global ceasefire to better respond to a coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking in a weekly blessing, Francis called on everyone to “stop all forms of belligerent hostilities and support the establishment of corridors to provide humanitarian help, diplomatic efforts, and attention to those in very vulnerable situations.”

– Switzerland reports 22 deaths, 1,123 new infections

According to data from the Swiss Public Health Agency, the number of people killed by coronavirus in Switzerland has increased from 235 the previous day to 257.

It said the infection rose by 1,123 to 14,336.

– Philippines reports 343 new cases and three deaths

The Philippine Ministry of Health announced 343 new cases of coronavirus, the largest overnight surge in infections to date. The death toll has increased by three, and the death toll has increased to 71.

There are approximately 104 million people in the country, 1,418 infections have been recorded, and 42 patients have recovered.

Marking the country’s largest increase in daily infections, and three other deaths.

– Malaysia announces 150 new cases, 7 of whom died

Malaysia has confirmed 150 new cases of coronavirus, making it the most infected Southeast Asian country with a total of 2,470 cases.

According to the Ministry of Health, the death toll has increased by seven to 34 at the same time.

– Qatar Airways needs state support

CEO Akbar al-Baker said in an interview that Qatar Airways is one of the few airlines that maintains regular commercial passenger services and will continue to fly but warned the airline that it might It will soon run out of cash and seek government support.

“We are definitely going to finally turn to the government for help,” Baker told Reuters. The company has enough cash to maintain operations “for a very short period of time.”

Over the next two weeks, Qatar Airways is expected to operate 1,800 flights. Occupancy of some flights is 50% or less, and if the company accounts for 45% of flight seats in the next two weeks, it will carry about 250,000 passengers.

“We have received many requests from governments around the world, embassies in certain countries, asking Qatar Airways not to stop flying.” People who still stranded are still flying back to their homes. “

– The number of cases in Indonesia increased by 130 to 1,285

Indonesia announced 130 new cases of coronavirus, bringing the total number of infections to 1,285. Ministry of Health official Achmad Yurianto said the death toll had risen to 144 from 132 the previous day.

Yurianto added that more than 6,500 people across the country have been tested.

– Spain’s deadliest day

According to the Ministry of Health, the number of coronavirus deaths in Spain increased by 838 overnight to 6,528.

On Saturday, the country reported 832 new deaths.

The total number of infected people rose to 78,797 from 72,248 on Saturday. After the number of cases surged to 1,000, the British government is not ‘very concerned’

Senior British Minister Michael Goff said on Sunday that the British government was “very concerned” about the deaths of more than 1,000 people after the latest data showed a positive reaction to the British coronavirus.

“Naturally, we are very concerned, our thoughts and prayers are with the family of everyone who has lost loved ones in the past few days,” he told Sky News.

German coronavirus cases reach 52,547 with total deaths of 389

Robert Koch Institute of Infectious Diseases says that after 3,965 people tested positive overnight, the total number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Germany reached 52,547

Coronavirus Stats


coronavirus update

Coronavirus Cases Update –  infected : 679,079,  Deaths: 31,773,  Recovered: 146,352

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