Coronavirus bill : Nancy Pelosi provides millions to migrants

Coronavirus bill : Nancy Pelosi provides $300 million to migrants

Nancy Pelosi’s Coronavirus Bill Gives $300 Million To Refugees, Migrants


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi plans to assist Americans in a coronavirus pandemic, including $ 300 million in aid to immigrants and refugees.

This provision, hidden on page 148 of the approximately 1,400-page bill, “adds an additional $ 300,000,000 to ‘Immigration and Refugee Assistance’ until expenditures are used up to prevent, prepare and respond to the coronavirus.”

Coronavirus bill: Nancy Pelosi's provides $ 300 million to migrants

Nancy Pelosi

In recent days, members of the House and Senate have been repeatedly discussing different coronavirus mitigation plans.

On Monday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell tried to use the coronavirus bailout to fund seemingly unrelated initiatives to sweep Democrats in the Senate, fueling tension.

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“Tax credits for solar and wind. The regulations force employers to give special new treatment to” big workers. “Listen to these-airlines’ new emission standards. Are you kidding me?” McConnell said.

President Donald Trump was also unhappy with the lack of progress, tweeting on Tuesday: “This is not about a ridiculous green New Deal.

It’s about getting our great employees and companies back to work! ”


The regulation means that even if the country’s unemployment rate could soar to 20%, the status of all registered DACA illegal foreigners will be immediately updated and extended.

Similarly, Pelosi’s plan will immediately expand the status of more than 300,000 temporary protection status (TPS) foreigners in the United States-ensuring that during the employment crisis, American workers are forced to compete for work against the amnesty foreign worker population.

Every year, the US population increases by about 1.2 million legal immigrants, most of which compete with American workers and the middle class.

The admission of these legal immigrants complements the thousands of illegal foreigners who cross the southern border illegally each year.



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