Forgotten Celebrities

These are precious names and data of the Forgotten Celebrities that have fallen victim to the passing of time

Fame is a cruel, and it’s never your friend. All too many times, we’ve seen actors star in top-grossing movies and generally be on top of the world, and the next second, he or she’s faded into obscurity never to be seen again (except maybe on TMZ’s “memba them?! feature.)

For some of these types, celebrity was probably an undue burden—something they might never have really wanted, but something that came with the movie-making territory. For others, it was something dangling above their heads, just beyond reach.

Whatever the reason, we were able to scrap the internet to get information of forgotten, or once-famous celebrities. we’ve rounded thousands of forgotten celebrities that got lost on the journey trail, and people don’t even speak about them anymore.

In every generation of celebrities, some will be fleeting (even in our current age of constant surveillance and reportage). In the ’90s, though, it seemed much easier for our beloved heartthrobs to slip through the cracks and out of the public eye as they got older. Sometimes this was a conscious decision on their part — maybe they wanted to go to school and live the civilian life. Other times, they might have had trouble transitioning from child star to adult celeb.