Bette Midler Says Women are the ‘N-Word of the World,’ Gets Slammed Online


Bette Midler

Says Women are …

‘The N-Word of the World’

10/4/2018 7:10 PM PDT

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Bette Midler selected to make some extent about ladies in an excessively provocative manner … and folks are PISSED about it.

Bette tweeted Thursday — in the midst of protests in D.C. by means of ladies who strongly oppose the Supreme Court affirmation of Brett Kavanaugh — “Women, are the n-word of the world.”

She added to her level by means of announcing ladies are … “Raped, beaten, enslaved, married off, worked like dumb animals; denied education and inheritance; enduring the pain and danger of childbirth and life IN SILENCE for THOUSANDS of years.”

Midler ends her tweet by means of announcing ladies “are the most disrespected creatures on earth.”

In 2 hours, her tweet has elicited virtually 7 thousand replies, many of which are blasting her for minimizing racism whilst at the identical time hurting the feminist motion. 

Others are pissed that Midler, a wealthy white woman, is evaluating the plight of ladies to the historical past of mistreatment of black folks.

And, there are some just difficult she delete the tweet right away. She hasn’t … but.

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