Baby found in a Dumpster has become a $ 62 million tech CEO

Baby found in a Dumpster has become a $ 62 million tech CEO

Blogtiy brings you the miraculous story of a Baby found in a Dumpster has grown up to become a millionaire Tech CEO

Just a few days old, Freddie Figgers was standing next to a dumpster in rural Florida. A passerby noticed him in distress and called the police. Freddie was checked into a hospital where he stayed for two days to recover from the minor injuries. Freddie was stable before he was stable.

He was taken in by Nathan and Betty Figgers who lived in Quincy nearby and already had a daughter of their own. Figgers, regular foster parents, quickly decided to adopt Freddie.

Growing up, Freddie was bullied by other elementary school kids who were called the “dumpster baby.”

“It’s a rural area, so after it happened, everybody heard about it,” said Figgers, now 30.

“My parents told me the truth about what happened when I got older. I thought about it a lot as a kid, and I have to say it was embarrassing when I was younger. “

Freddie Figgers

However, it was also during his elementary school that Freddie found his passion for computers. His father, Nathan, bought Freddie an old Macintosh from 1989 in a thrift store for $ 25 to talk to.

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“He thought a computer could help keep me out of trouble,” Figgers said.

It worked. At just 9 years old, Freddie dismantled and mounted the computer several times. Next, he figured out how to use some old radio parts to fix the Macintosh to turn it on.

“I still have it,” Figgers said of the first computer. “That’s what aroused my interest in technology.”

At 13, Freddie was so good at dealing with computers the city of Quincy started hiring him to fix his computers. At the age of 15, he started his first company out of his parents’ living room called Figgers Computers. He specialized in fixing computers and helping clients store data on servers he created.

“I wouldn’t recommend the road to everyone,” said Figgers, referring to dropping out of college. “But it worked for me. When I was 17, I had 150 clients who needed websites and storage for their files. I continued to build from there. “

Baby found in a Dumpster has grown up to become a $ 62 million tech CEO


Baby found in a Dumpster :

At Freddie’s early 20s, Nathan Figgers developed Alzheimer’s. Before Nathan left in 2014, Freddie had invented a GPS tracking, two-way communication device to help find and keep track of his father when he wanted to wander off confused.

“I created a device that I could insert into his shoe that would allow me to track him, plus talk to him through his shoe,” Figgers said. “It was hard to see him decline – it’s something you’ll never forget. I’ve always been so grateful to him and my mom. They taught me not to let my circumstances define who I was.”

Despite this difficult circumstance, Freddie was able to sell his GPS tracking invention to an unpublished company for $ 2.2 million in 2012 at the age of 23.

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His privately held company, Figgers Wireless, which sells smartphones and data plans, was valued at more than $ 62 million in 2017. Figgers is proud of his business, but he says he is still passionate about combining technology with health care and safety.

“The best thing any human being can do is to influence another,” Figgers said.

He sells a wireless blood glucose meter for people with diabetes that allows patients to download and share glucose levels through Bluetooth technology. And he’s working on a project similar to his “smart shoes” technology to help families stay in touch with loved ones experiencing homelessness.

“It could be me on the street – I could have been homeless or dead if I hadn’t been found by the dumpster after I was born,” he said.

Freddie found out when he grew up that his birth mother was a prostitute with a drug addiction. He has not met her and says he has no interest in doing so.
“My parents adopted me and gave me love and a future,” he said. “They did their best to make the world a better place, and now that’s all I want to do, too.”


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