Amputee soccer player share Photo of her similarity with one-year-old

Amputee soccer player share Photo of her similarity with 1-year-old

Amputee soccer player share Photo of her similarity with one-year-old fan goes viral.


Amputee soccer players, Not all of them are raised the same. We all have variations of our own. I’ve got a strange left rib from my lower chest that makes it look like a lump. Once my wife saw it she couldn’t help but wonder and ask me about it for the first time.

It’s not a shortcoming. It’s genes alone. My mom, and my younger uncle, have it. We’ve picked up something from previous generations. But I’m not at all ashamed of it.

And so this one-year-old is not embarrassed to be born with a partially developed hand. His name is Joseph Tidd, 22 months old. His parents are doing their best to teach him not to be afraid of being different from being raised.

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And with what happened later, she is probably going to have a life full of motivation and a great example to look upon if times get harder when he grows up. Carson Pickett is a football player who was born with the same deficiency. And despite having a partially formed arm, she lives her life at her fullest as a professional amputee soccer player.


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All smiles for being back home tonight💜

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Joseph’s parent takes him to see a match where Carson Pickett was playing for Orlando Pride. The football player came to greet him after the match near the one-year-old baby and had an arm bump with him. The moment was captured by his parents and posted on Instagram, and now the image has gone viral. Carson was a great role model for Joseph, and she showed him that you can always make something better for yourself, despite the cards you are given.



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Soccer means the world to me, but the platform that soccer provides me for things like this takes the cake. Joseph, you’re my new hero for life💜 #limbdifferenceawarenessmonth

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