Alabama inmate Nathaniel Woods has been executed for killing

Alabama inmate Nathaniel Woods has been executed on Thursday night after the U.S. Supreme Court cancelled a temporary stay to further review his case.

Nathaniel Woods, 44, was convicted of a deadly shooting at three Birmingham police in 2004 and will be killed by a fatal injection at 6pm. In Holman Prison, this is the state’s first execution this year.

Woods’s family and prominent activists rallied on his behalf to collect signatures, hoping that swing governor Kay Ivey would allow him to be generous, but she denied it. Recent issues regarding his trial, allegations of improper handling of his case, and greater attention to how Alabama’s criminal law treats black defendants have drawn attention.

Photo: Nathaniel Woods sits in court during a preliminary trial on July 30, 2004 in Birmingham, Alabama. Mark Almond / Birmingham News via AP File

Ivey said in an interview: “After careful and careful consideration of the facts of the case, the initial jury decision, and many legal challenges and reviews, I concluded that Alabama should have The sentence imposed by Mr. Law is executed. “Woods’ statement after his execution.

Alabama inmate Nathaniel Woods has been executed for killing of 3 officers

Alabama inmate Nathaniel Woods Family

Even Kerry Spencer, Woods’ co-defendant, admitted to being a gunman and denied that Woods was an accomplice, and he was asked to stop execution.

Spencer, still in the death row, wrote in an open letter: “Nathaniel Woods is 100% innocent.” “I know this is true because I shot Nathaniel afterwards. Those charged with three police officers for murder. Nathaniel Woods should not even be imprisoned, let alone executed. ”

The case attracted the attention of celebrities and activists, including Kim Kardashian West and Martin Luther King III, and asked Ivey to intervene.

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During Woods’ 2005 trial, prosecutors said he and his roommate Spencer were suspected of selling cocaine from his home in Birmingham.

Officials were sent home to serve their sentences, but prosecutors said Woods, then 27, set up an ambush to allow Spencer to shoot them multiple times. Three officers (Carlos Owen, Harley Chisholm III and Charles Bennett) were killed, while a fourth officer was shot dead at the scene but survived.

Spencer admitted firing the officer, but said it was self-defense because the officer attacked Woods, an assertion that the judge did not allow the trial. The two killed officers were later charged by another drug trafficker in the Woods family for alleged involvement in a corruption scheme that protects drug traffickers in exchange for money. Birmingham police declined to comment on the allegations.

Surviving officer Michael Collins said at the time that he believed Woods helped plan the shooting, but he didn’t actually shoot. According to him, Woods yelled, “I give up. I give up. Just don’t spray me with that mace.” Before the shooting began.




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