A 24-year-old city council candidate is using super weird ads to get out the vote


Hayden Pedigo needs you to know that he is operating for city council. 

The 24-year-old musician introduced his bid for a seat on the Amarillo, Texas council in a Facebook publish in August. In the ordinary clip, Pedigo tosses a folding chair throughout a creek, pulls out a measuring tape, and proceeds to measure the roads round him. He scrambles over rocks, will get down on the floor, and throws his folding chair off quite a lot of puts round Amarillo. 

“I believe that a lot of local small business owners out here are straight up getting bonked,” he states at the finish of the video, before a unfashionable identify card flashes his identify and “FOR PLACE 2 AMARILLO CITY COUNCIL.”

Though the advert won native recognition on Facebook, it reached a global target market when anyone posted it on Reddit on Thursday. 

“He wants a seat on city council so he’s bringing his own,” Redditor Schmeeble commented, making an attempt to decipher the surreal video. “He will make sure his seat will transcend obstacles (throwing over stuff) and with a measured confidence he is not afraid of getting down to the ground level issues.” 

According to Pedigo, Schmeeble is not some distance off. He’s bored with seeing his buddies go away Amarillo for Austin or Portland as a result of they “didn’t think Amarillo fit into the larger picture.” 

“I wanted to start a discussion on local government amongst people my age who otherwise would never care about anything that happens locally,” he defined over Facebook Messenger. 

Like an MTV video from the ’80s, Pedigo’s campaign ads all have a type of grungy, DIY vibe. 

He mentioned he needs the ads to “change the meaning behind a campaign video,” since many of us call to mind them as gear for negativity. 

“These videos exist outside of that,” he defined. “The videos are completely absurd but they don’t convey any type of negativity. I think everyone in America is politically exhausted and I want this to be a breath of fresh air.” 

Running in hopes of being a “better representation of Amarillo’s younger population,” Pedigo needs the city to take care of its ancient spaces. 

“The north side of town has been severely neglected and that [is] something very important to me,” he mentioned. 

And what about small trade house owners? 

“Well, they’re getting bonked,” he mentioned, subject of factly. 

When requested if he had a plan to “keep them from getting bonked,” Pedigo did not dangle again.

“Well if the city focused more on business outside of a four mile radius on the wealthy side of town,” he ranted. “The bonking would be considerably lower.” 

Oh, and he needs folks under 30 to vote of their native elections. 

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