8 Best WordPress Email Marketing plugins in 2020 (Free and Paid)

Email marketing is the most effective solution for connecting with your audience and keeping them up to date with content.

Most people with finding your website, please read some information, leave and then never go back. Just a couple of them really do something that will increase your conversion speed. Wouldn’t it be great for your business to convert some of those people to subscribe to your mailing list?

The most important part of your online presence is your email list.

No, it’s not the design of your WordPress theme or content. These only help a lot to get your email subscribers. But if you don’t gather prospects, they can’t do you much good.

As you build your email subscriber list, promoting your new posts becomes faster and more efficient. You can send a message to thousands of interested people who want to read your content and get highly targeted traffic to your website.

Getting to know the world generating leads via email, I will list some of the best free and paid WordPress plugins for email marketing. Let’s start with the best.

1. Thrive Causes

The Thrive leads plugin is definitely at the top of our list in case you don’t want to compromise in your email list building strategy. We recommend it to all our customers, who have witnessed repeat or even triple conversion rates after installation and proper configuration.

6 Best WordPress Email Marketing plugins in 2020 (Free and Paid)

Thrive leads Best List Building Plugins for WordPress

What makes Thrive leads special is time-saving, easy handling without any programming or coding knowledge. Below is a list of the features.

More Opt-in forms

Unlike the vast majority of plugins that are on the market, there are several types of forms available:

Classic Sign-up box-the classic sidebar sign-up box that always remains in the field of view and not just the visible part of the Web page.
Pop – up box-the pop-up window contains a menu of commands and remains on the screen until you select one of the commands. It disappears.

ThriveLeads Email Marketing Pop-Up Box
Sticky Tape (Since ThematoSoup is the one of the sticky header plugin authors, we can confirm that the Thrive team has made a serious shift when it comes to this type of add-on, both from frontend and backend).
ThriveLeads Email Marketing Plugin with sticky Ribbon function
Inline forms-especially suitable for bloggers who have a great following. The main attention is always on the text, and with this function it is possible to increase the number of e-subscribers up to 200% compared to the classic sign-up box on the right.

Thrive Leads Inline Form Of Email Marketing

2-step Opt-in-fits primarily for marketers looking to build a relevant email list. The visitor needs to do Step 2-Click on the link and sign in with an email.
Slide-in-view relevant opt-in boxes on the right side of the blog and customize for each blog post.
Thrive Leads Slide In Email Marketing Form
Screen Filler – Ok, we admit that we do not use this. It should increase your conversion rate, but I’m not personally like to bomb our visitors that much.
ThriveLeads Screen Filler Drawing Form
Contents Lock-a recommendation for articles that have viral potential. Especially how-to articles. Set up any worth of content in exchange for email.
Thrive Leads Content Unlock Form
Welcome-Like Screen Filler.
Thrive Leads Welcome
Multiple selection Form-engage your visitors and ask them to make a choice once.
Multiple Choice Form Thrive Leads
Advanced targeting

Every marketer knows that today it is more important than ever to create content that is relevant. It’s the same with email marketing plugins.

For one of our clients, we have installed a special email form that is relevant to the theme of each blog post. For example, if an article was about WordPress security then the form offered a product sheet on security. In this way, the conversion rate has increased by 350%!

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Advanced statistics

Although we are marketers and the installation of Google Analytics code is not a problem, the built-in Thrive driver statistics help us to set it much faster and measure the effectiveness of setup of email forms.

Here are the reports that you can access:

Conversion Report
Conversion Rate Report
Cumulative Conversions Report
The Comparison Report
List Growth
Cumulative List Growth
Lead Referral Report
Lead Tracking Report
Content Marketing Report
A / B Tests

Pay special attention to the A/B tests when I install the plugin. In relation to the time you enter configure and install the plugin, your investment should go in X10 times. When you set it up correctly, the email plugin works on its own!

What you can measure

Types of opt-in shapes-make a content locker work better, or a pop-up box
Various email triggers-it works better with a 3-second pop-up or with an exit-purpose function
Various offers-do you achieve better conversion rates with the help of an e-book or a free course that you offer?
Trigger choice

Exit trigger – when someone tries to get out of the area, the shape shown

Time trigger-email form doesn’t have to be boring-show it only to those who show interest content

Browse Trigger-equal time trigger, the email form appears after the visitor scrolls more than a certain percentage of the page

Click Trigger form that appears after clicking on a specific item or link

Precise targeting

This is the opportunity we have used to increase the number of potential customers for one of our customers. The tactic is simple – display relevant (s) offers to each visitor.

Marketing automation & autoresponders make a difference

Thrive leads is very easy to connect with the most popular email services. Here is the list of email services that are available at the moment (and constantly increasing):

AWeber post marketing
Campaign Display
Constant Contact
Drip email marketing automation
Citrix GotoWebinar
Infusionsoft platform
Kick Tipp
Mad Mimi
Mautic-open source E-platform

Do you have multiple licenses to choose from depending on your needs:

1 license- $ 67
5 licenses- $ 97
15 licenses- $ 147
or 25 licenses / $ 19 per month (if you are a Thrive already a member)
Give thrive leads try if you need a robust email marketing plugin for your WordPress site.


2. SendinBlue

The SendinBlue WordPress plugin is a powerful email marketing tool with over 30,000 active installations. It allows you to create custom-made subscription forms and integrate them into your posts, pages or side panels.

6 Best WordPress Email Marketing plugins in 2020 (Free and Paid)

Sendinblue’s Best Email Marketing Plugin

You can also easily manage your contact lists and use advanced audience segmentation to improve the results for your campaign.

It’s a mobile-friendly drag-and-drop builder and template library that helps you create and send engaging newsletters. Also, you have insight into statistics, such as:

Open email
A / B tests
Automate your marketing communications

SendinBlue offers advanced features such as marketing automation. Now you can optimize your contact management information with customized workflows. With 8 automation of workflow templates, you can configure everything from welcome emails to an abandoned cart reminders.

Email marketing automation of SendinBlue

SendinBlue gets high ratings from us and is completely free up to 9000 sent emails per month or 300 emails daily. You can upload an unlimited number of your existing contacts, but you can have automated workflow for up to 2000 contacts on their free schedule.

You also get free support for the first 60 days when you sign up, which is enough for you to configure and test your email campaigns, lists and forms.

SendinBlue is compatible with all the most popular tools on the market:

CMS: WordPress, Prestashop, Magento, Drupal, WooCommerce
CRM: Salesforce, Intercom
Web Performance: Google Analytics
SendinBlue Service Implementation

If you’re looking for a free email marketing service with automation features and free support, then SendinBlue is the one.

3. OptinMonster

Over 300,000 websites use OptinMonster software to get more email subscribers. It helps them to grow email lists and get more subscribers using pop-ups and other types of high conversion opt-in forms.

The only catch is that you need to have an OptinMonster account if you want to take advantage of this plugin.

OptinMonster lead generation plugin and service.

OptinMonster has a paid service, as well, with Geo-location targeting, 2-step opt-in and out-purpose technology.

An easy to use Shape builder allows you to create stunning opt-in shapes with the highest conversion rate. All templates are 100% responsive and mobile-friendly. You can choose from 9 different types of opt-in.

Lightbox Popup-the most effective and most popular way to grow your email list.
Fullscreen-welcome-create a fullscreen interstitial with a call to action that cannot be ignored.
Slide-I scroll – Safe-High-conversion option for popups that slide from the corner.
Floating Bar-increase conversions with a header or footer bar that rolls with you.

Count-down timer-uses urgency and scarcity to increase sales and conversions.
Sidebar forms-turn every page of your website into a lead generation opportunity.

Countdown timer-use urgency and scarcity to increase sales and conversions.
Sidebar form-turn every page of your website into a leading generation opportunity.

Inline forms-embedded forms that you can add to your blog posts and content on the page.
Content locker-turn any article into gated content, and look at your email list to grow.
Coupon wheel Optins-creating interactive spin-a-wheel promotions proved to increase sales.
It has simple integration with over 19 different email marketing service providers.

And now let’s check some of the free email marketing plugins at WordPress.org.

4. MailPoet

Update: MailPoet now gives you access to Premium plan for free if you have 1000 subscribers or less.

This free, reliable and simple WordPress plugin is an excellent solution for creating newsletters, automated emails, mail messages and autoresponders. You can take subscribers with its great registration widget.

6 Best WordPress Email Marketing plugins in 2020 (Free and Paid)

MailPoet Email Marketing WrdPress Plugin

Also, it allows you to let go of your posts, photos and social icons in your newsletters. Sending newsletters in the free version is limited to 2000 subscribers. This is ideal for owners of small businesses and bloggers.

You can choose from 70 themes and get statistics for your newsletters: opens, clicks, unsubscribes, bounce rate, etc.

With very high viewer ratings from its users, MailPoet is definitely a plugin that is worth your attention. They also have a premium version, with much more features like custom branding, detailed analytics, WooCommerce support, etc.

5. SendPress Newsletter

With very high ratings from its users and 10,000+ active installs, SendPress newsletter is the easy to use WordPress plugin.

6 Best WordPress Email Marketing plugins in 2020 (Free and Paid)

SendPress free email marketing Plugin for WordPress

It has all the features you need. You can create customized newsletter templates, easily import post content from your website, and plan to send newsletters.

It has Unlimited subscribers plan, simple editor, and you don’t need any previous code experience. You can also synchronize WordPress roles on newsletter subscriber lists.

Also, there is state-tracking for each email: click, Open and unsubscribe.

If you are afraid that your email may not be sent for some reason, it remains only to automatically activate the Cron option from the admin panel. The system will check the website every 15 minutes to make sure that your Newsletters are sent.

SendPress premium gives you access to their support, their pro modules and their help in implementing the plugin properly.

6. Mailchimp

As the most popular email marketing solution for marketers, it provides you with many ways to manage your subscriber list, design and send your email newsletters. More than 7 million people around the world use it. Mailchimp is free for lists of up to 2000 subscribers.

Mailchimp for WordPress, a free email marketing plugin

This plugin connects your WordPress website and your MailChimp account. Updates are common and this plugin has over 1 MILLION active installations.

Mailchimp has the highest ranking from its users in comparison with other WordPress plugins for email marketing automation. If you’re looking for a good Mailchimp options, we’ve written a post about it as well.

Mailchimp plugin that helps you to add multiple subscribers to your lists using different methods. You can create eye-catching opt-in forms or integrate it with another form on the website (your comment, contact or checkout form).


7. HubSpot All-In-One Marketing

HubSpot All-In-One Marketing-Forms, Popups, Live ChatHubSpot All-In-One Marketing-Forms, Popups, Live Chat
Author (s): HubSpot
Current Version: 7.18.81
Last Updated: January 15, 2020
WP 4.0+
HubSpot offers a free reliable and feature-rich email marketing tool that is suitable for growing businesses. The tool is part of HubSpot’s free WordPress plugin.

6 Best WordPress Email Marketing plugins in 2020 (Free and Paid)

With HubSpot email marketing, you can create a professional marketing email that engages and grow your audience with easy drag-and-drop email builder. HubSpot emails are automatically linked with HubSpot CRM, allowing you to tailor relevant emails based on the information you have such as the forms and activity on the website.

Key features:

Create beautiful emails from scratch using the drag and drop editor, without anything extra for it, and designer resources necessary for
Use one of HubSpot target-based email templates included in the free version
Customize your subject lines, content, links, attachments and calls-to-action based on subscriber lifecycle stage, membership list, or any information in their contact records
Optimize email campaigns with a / B tests and analytics
What you need to use it:

Just install HubSpot is the Free WordPress plugin and you will get access to HubSpot email, CRM and other free marketing and sales tools.


The HubSpot email tool is free for up to 2,000 email sends per month, with upgrade solutions starting at $50 with the Marketing Hub starting.

Who should use it:

HubSpot email is suitable for any business, it is free to start, and affordable as the business grows. Because it comes directly integrated with a free CRM, free sales and service tool, this plugin is ideal for groups who want to streamline their business, bringing all their tools and data in one place.

8. Mailster

Mailster is one of the best WordPress email marketing plugins
Mailster is something of a halfway point between any of the options we’ve looked at so far. It is a self-contained solution for WordPress, which means that you do not need a third-party service to use it. At the same time, it is a premium-only plugin, and offers a wider set of features than most free utilities.

Key features:

Create email messages using a library of templates and a drag-and-drop builder
Configure custom automation, and send out emails based on specific trigger points
Manage and segment your mailing lists in WordPress itself
View detailed analytics on your emails and subscribers, via a centralized dashboard
What you need to use it:

You do not need to sign up for a remote plan to use Mailster. At the same time, it is compatible with many popular sending of email services, such as SendGrid and Amazon SES. Integration with these services is recommended as it will help you to ensure your emails do not end up in spam.


As we have mentioned, Mailster is a premium plugin. It will cost you $59 for a one-site license, updates, and six-month support.

Who should use it:

If you can afford it in advance costs and you want a tool that will fully integrate with your WordPress website, Mailster is one of the best WordPress email marketing plugins to choose from. It is highly customizable, compatible with a wide range of plugins and services, and easy to manage-directly from your website.

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The Conclusion

Email marketing is very effective in increasing leads and conversions. If you want to share the latest news, promotions or offers with your potential and existing customers, then this is the best choice for your online business.

If you are using WordPress, you should install one of these great free plugins to get your email marketing campaign up and running.

Are you using one of these WordPress plugins for your email marketing campaigns? Which works best for you?





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