5 Best Alternatives to Infusionsoft For 2020 and Beyond

5 Best Alternatives to Infusionsoft For 2020 and Beyond

While starting your business in 2020 we know you need some good alternative to Infusionsoft for your marketing automation. Infusion Soft in itself is a good platform but lags behind to catch up with your business realties. Working since 2001 Infusion soft, also marketed as Keap, is one of the leading providers for automated marketing campaigns, ROI & Customer sales updates. Data Management has also been their forte for the e-commerce sector.


CRM and Automated Marketing is a fast booming part of the overall digital culture. These tools make your advertisement campaigns and sales funnel quite easy for you. When you choose a platform to increase your presence over internet, you might be interested to know that there are over 50 million businesses fighting for their place over the internet and wise selection of such platform provides you with that extra edge you need in the market.

People are looking for Infusionsoft alternatives as new and better platforms are rocking the market these days. Small and bigger businesses are all competing for best online advertising campaigns and customer relationship management tools. Maybe Infusion Soft has changed their branding but a key concern is always about the pricing. Newer products are not at par with the dynamic market prices. We have brought you some of the best alternatives to Infusionsoft so you may plan your 2020 marketing better.


EngageBay :

Being an all in one marketing and sales CRM EngageBay is moving forward to dominate this market. They cater to a long list of loyal customers due to their seamless experience.  This is an affordable Infusionsoft alternative (Keap alternative), especially for small and medium enterprises. They are masters in :

  • Marketing Automation
  • CRM & Sales Bay
  • Email Marketing
  • Lead Generation Tools.

The interactive dimensions of Engage Bay are very user friendly. Their help desk is available 24*7 and helps you to sell your product or service like a complete professional.

Some other unique features on offer Engage Bay are:

  • Free On-Boarding sessions – Where you and your team can get interactive learning of the whole clouds based system for free.
  • Unlimited Multiple Access – This brings your whole team at the same page throughout the sales pipeline.

There are few more features that we might have missed so kindly checkout at EngageBay


Constant Contact :

Constant contact is a Sales CRM app that can help you in target marketing and sales campaigns. It provides customized engagement marketing tools that are specific to small and medium sized businesses.

They provide their services along with Pipeliner CRM to synchronise customer contacts that can be readily available to your whole team for their functional use.

They have tie-ups with other synchronizing softwares that may confuse you from time to time but the pricing is fair enough to compensate. They also provide free trials for all features like :

  • Account Management
  • Contact Management
  • Offline CRM
  • Navigator Dashboards
  • Organization charts
  • Sales Velocity
  • Social selling, and more.

Ontraport :

One good Infusionsoftalternativethat can manage your sales leads via one central CRM system. It boasts well to find customer information quickly for building suitable rapport. They also offer the above said features like:

  • Personalization
  • Detailed records of contact interactions.
  • Customer data segmentation.
  • Behavioural Tracking
  • Visual CRM

Overall, the experience of this platform is easy to use and friendly for one to one contact with your customers. Users today give them decent reviews for marketing sales and customer service.

Here we can say that Ontraport is price competitive but being new to the market there can be Pros and Cons as an alternative to Infusionsoft.


“A Platform Designed for Growth” is what they say. Wishpond is a wishful Infusionsoft alternativeas they have some nice tools to scale your business without any coding knowledge. They provide services like :

  • Landing Pages – designing and optimization
  • Pop-ups and forms
  • Contests and Promos
  • Automated marketing

One unique feature is that they give option of connecting Wishpond with 30+ Marketing platforms that you might be already using. This Canada based company lags a bit on the affordability point but still caters to your basic needs.


Nutshell :

They call themselves a “Sneaky Powerful CRM” and the word has it that they live up to their name. Their powerful presence has made a good footprint in the market for sales automation. The affordability too is quite genuine as they ask for $35 a month to get started.

They offer almost the same features as discussed above and are mobile usage friendly. This has bagged them a place in this list and they are a reasonable alternative to Infusionsoft.


The above list brought you many competitors to look forward to in catering to your needs in marketing. Each of them qualifies as a good CRM and sales automation platform. Yet we believe that EngageBay has topped this list for a reason. It brings a wholesome package for your demands, with a gamut of user friendly tools and competitive pricing.


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