10 ways to boost your immunity system against coronavirus

10 ways to boost your immune system against coronavirus

Immune system: boost your immune system to help fight covid-19

Blogtify is giving you the 10 ways you can boost your immune system amid the spread of the coronavirus, we are hearing how to reduce exposure and take care of ourselves before or when we are sick.

These are 10 important tips, but we don’t know much about how to strengthen our immunity, so if we are indeed exposed to the virus, our bodies can effectively resist it.

Our immune system is designed to fight diseases and viruses. But unfortunately, the immune system is exhausted by many typical characteristics of modern life, such as stress, toxins, lack of exercise and unhealthy diet. This prevents our body from effectively fighting disease.

As the coronavirus continues to spread, supporting the immune system is more important than ever. We can do this by making some key modifications.

Here are 10 basic ways to boost your immunity to prepare for the coronavirus (covid-19):

1. Reduce stress

When we feel stressed, our bodies produce stress hormones that burden the immune system. Therefore, one of the most important ways to boost immunity is to reduce stress. To reduce stress, make sure your work and life are in balance, take breaks when you need them (short “water-cooled” breaks and longer vacations), and use some stress-relieving or stress-relieving techniques. Feeling really stressed again, taking an adrenal support supplement can help.

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2. Sleep when tired

Lack of sleep can increase stress and impair immunity. If we have been drinking caffeinated beverages all the time, we may not even realize that we are really tired. Because sleep is important for rebuilding a fragile immune system, we need to sleep as much as we can.

10 ways to boost your immunity system against coronavirus


3. Intake vitamins to enhance immunity

To support your immune system, you can eat foods that support immunity, such as citrus fruits, garlic, broccoli, and spinach. If your immune system is already weak, supplementing key vitamins and minerals that may have been depleted (such as vitamin C, vitamin B, vitamin D, and zinc) may also help. The most effective way to get high doses of Vitain C, Vitamin B and Zinc is intravenous (IV).

4. Reduce inflammation

Sugar, processed meat, vegetable oils, and alcohol are often inflammatory foods, so they keep the immune system busy and make other problems in the body unsolvable. That’s why if we want a healthy immune system, removing these inflamed foods is really helpful.

5. Exercise, but not too much

Exercise may be one of the best ways to boost your immunity. But we have to be careful, because too much exercise can put stress on the body and may affect our immune system. So keep in mind the other tip: reduce stress and take a break if you are tired.

6. Stay away from toxins

Toxins can damage the immune system. For example, mycotoxins in molds are notorious for destroying immunity. Many other toxins also seem to have a decisive effect on immunity. Therefore, please minimize exposure to chlorinated drinking water, pesticides, aromatic heavy metals, air pollution and food additives. Detoxification of the liver is essential to reduce the body’s toxin burden.

7. Intermittent fasting

For centuries, fasting has been used as a health program. Paracelsus, the great healer of Western tradition, wrote 500 years ago: “Fasting is the biggest cure, a physician.” In 2014, Dr. Valter Longo of the University of Southern California found that three days of fasting Drinking water only) can actually reset the immune system.

As outlined on Humann.com, eating at least 16-18 hours after your last meal can keep your body’s attention “focused on current immune cells, recovering them and clearing damaged cells. This means that at fast speeds, your body becomes thinner and white blood cells become despicable. ”

Of course, this exercise should only be performed if you are already healthy. But since that’s the case, who doesn’t want to spend more time working on projects and getting healthier at the same time?

8. Mindfulness meditation to reduce stress

Stress can cause an inflammatory response in the body, and by releasing too much of the stress hormone cortisol, it can greatly affect your fighting or escape response. It also makes us more susceptible to infections and diseases both inside and outside our offices. That’s why meditation has become a must-have for any biohacker entrepreneur.

Mindfulness exercises come in many forms, from the slow-moving postures of yoga and tai chi to countless breathing techniques. A recent study in the journal Translational Psychiatry added: “Meditation itself seems to have some inherent property that can alter gene expression and even improve mood over time.”

9. Good diet

The biological function of sugar removal is to destroy your immune system by removing food from the “bad” bacteria in the gut, which can kill your good bacteria. Autoimmune problems and digestive problems are clear signs of bowel imbalance. Ideally, your gut should contain 85% good bacteria or probiotics.

You can check for gut malnutrition with gut microbiome tests from companies like Thryve Inside, or you can take a daily diet check. Fermented foods such as sauerkraut, kombucha and kimchi can also help the good bacteria in the intestines to multiply, thus bringing you more vitality and vitality.

10. Travel safely

Many airlines now monitor the health of passengers before and after the flight. According to the CDC, people without respiratory symptoms do not need to wear medical masks. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also recommends using masks for people who have symptoms of the virus and who care for those who have symptoms such as cough and fever.


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