Must See – Top 10 most Luxurious prisons in the world 

These are the most incredible images you can’t expect in a Luxurious prisons cell.

These prisons are not what you would expect when you think of prison, I bet your mind will be shrouded in iron bars, dark corridors, low food and the general frustration in the air.

Here are the top ten most luxurious prisons in the world-agencies that changed our view of correctional facilities.

1.Barstow prison, Norway

Must See - Top 10 most Luxurious Prisons in the world 

The prison is located on the island of Bastoy in the Oslofjord. There are more than 100 prisoners in the prison complex enjoying tennis, horse riding, fishing and sunbathing luxury. With elegant huts to house them and lush farms to farm, prisoners in this minimal security agency may often forget they are prisoners.

2. HMP ADDIEWELL, Scotland – Luxurious prisons

Queen Je’s Lower Prison in Southern Scotland is a designated learning prison, and each prisoner is assigned 40 hours of production skills training each week. Addiewell’s 700 prisoners are particularly dedicated to helping prisoners make a purposeful and fulfilling transition to civilian life, and they are sure to receive good help.

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3. New Zealand OTAGO correction facility

New Zealand OTAGO correction facility - Luxurious prisons
New Zealand OTAGO correction facility

Although Otago does not take security measures easily, it provides prisoners with comfortable rooms and considers it important to change them through skill development. Otago offers courses in light industry, dairy farming, and cooking to strive for effective rehabilitation.


4.Leben Judicial Center, Austria

The Judicial Centre Prison is a quaint European non-violent criminal residence that provides a cell for each prisoner, with a private bathroom, kitchenette and TV. If you want me, all of this and the well-equipped gym, basketball court and outdoor recreation area will make you feel relaxed.

5.Spain ARANJUEZ prison

Spain ARANJUEZ - Luxurious prisons

The innovative agency addresses the way parenting facilities divide families and provides infants and young children with their first year living with imprisoned parents. Aranjuez is equipped with cribs, Disney characters on the walls, and children’s play areas, so that imprisoned parents can experience parent-child relationships in any situation, and those who are too young to understand the reality of imprisonment.

6. CHAMP-DOLLON Prison, Switzerland

Luxurious prisons

Formerly notorious for being overcrowded, the newly renovated home in Champ-Dollon has spacious three-person cells and en suite bathrooms. Sufficient facilities like this make prisoners feel less like prisoners, but more like compatriots in university dormitories, who work together for recovery.




This Hamburg prison is home to many long-serving prisoners who enjoy spacious cells with beds, sofas, private showers and toilets, and plenty of natural light. JVA Fuhlsbuettel, among its many facilities, provides prisoners with washing machines to do laundry and access to conference and recreation rooms.

8.Sorrentuna prison, Sweden – Luxurious prisons

This penitentiary places prisoners in private cells with comfortable beds and bathrooms. These prisoners have a state-of-the-art gym, an open kitchen, and a spacious entertainment room with TV and sofa. They are very luxurious.

9. Halden prison, Norway

Halden prison, Norway - Luxurious prisons
Halden prison, Norway – Luxurious prisons

Halden is surrounded by plenty of greenery and plenty of natural light, so it is known as the most humane prison in the world. Each prisoner enjoys a relatively private and comfortable space. Skills training classes, entertainment rooms with TV shows, movies and video games, well-equipped gymnasiums and practical music recording facilities make this prison a dream for every long-term prisoner.

10.Cebu Prison, Philippines

Although Cebu Prisons may not be able to meet the luxury standards of these facilities, they have been leading the way in terms of prisoner entertainment and creativity. Prisoners at the correctional facility are addicted to singing and dancing, and enjoying various musicals. These prisoners not only performed for civilian audiences, they even signed.

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